Couch to 5K

Week 3 run 1 am amazed

Wow am impressed I done it , took Laura's advice about someone on other side of bush not knowing if you jogging or walking and it made me slow down a bit so breathing was better ,had to really push myself on the last 3min but I did it ,what confused me is I usually run around the park 1 and a bit times and then I am finished this time it was under 1 time round the park and I had finished so am I going to slow now ? I usually find if I come across people I tend to speed up don't want them to think I am just pretending to be a runner lol. This morning legs feel very ache and stiff is there leg exercise I should be doing before or after a run ?. The advice on here really does keep you going and spirts up Thanks .

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Congrats on completing w3r1. The link to the NHS site shows some warm down exercises / stretches you may find useful.


Very well done on getting to the 3rd week. I find that some stretches, particularly AFTER the 5 min warm down walk work wonders with stiffness. paul2014 has given you the link, definitely worth looking at.


Well done on getting to week 3. At this stage you really do need to keep things slow and steady to give yourself time to start building up some stamina. That's why Laura tells us about the head behind the hedge technique. Can't help with other exercises because I don't do any except Pilates but good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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