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Week 3 Nerves - Run 1

I has just finished run 1 of week 3 and overall I would summarise it as challenging but manageable.

The first run of 90 seconds I set off as the same pace as the previous week, but during the 90 second walk I thought to myself there is no way I could maintain that pace for 3 minutes.

The dreaded 3 minute jog approaches and like what seems to be uttered a thousand times on here I slowed down. Guess what it was then manageable, my breathing was good and I was a little conscious I was bouncing. So far so good!

Then comes the tale of the second half! Though I won't be too disheartened as I place most of this on the fact I was now running back up the hill I had just slowly went down (I just moved to the midlands and basically use to live in one of the flattest parts of the U.K so any incline is a hill to me!). The 90 seconds were a struggle up the steepest part but I got there.

Come around to the second 3 minutes and I will admit my breathing went to pot (to put it nicely) and when she said there was a minute left it felt like the longest minute of my life!

All this being said, I did not hate it!! I'm glad I've got it done and I am currently working towards the target that if I finish week 4 I'll treat myself to a Fitbit.

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Sounds like you're doing well. Keep going - you can do this!

I've just done w3 r2, my reward - have just ordered an iPod as I haven't been able to download the podcasts and only have the basic run/walk instructions, really need some encouraging words to keep me going!

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Jadrel

Good idea. Well done jadrel.😊

in reply to Jadrel

I like setting the rewards as mini goals to look forward to, not just the end goal of the 5k as that still seems pretty far off!

I set 4 weeks as my goal mark as I hope that far in to the program I won't be dropping out and can justify a Fitbit!

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You've done it. The second three minutes is hard but you've done everything you were supposed to, slowed it down and got to the end. 2 more and the fitbit is all yours! You can definitely do this :)

Well done Bones..you did it..😊

Now you know how, you can do it again..x

Good luck

Well done ! It's a great sense of achievement doing what thought impossible. It's strange I'm now running regularly 30 minutes plus 3 time per week. Not consciously increasing my speed it is just coming naturally after 5 weeks doing 5k in 32 minutes from 33 minutes. I look back at those 9 weeks and wonder what all the fuss was about.

As others have said slow and steady don't worry about time and keep at it .

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Well done! Those early weeks are the hardest as we try to convince ourselves the programme really will work, and to do it on hills is extra duty! You are doing great ☺

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Well done for pushing through!! On hills too! Sounds like you're doing great, keep at it!

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I'm at the same stage as you. I've just done my 2nd run of week 3 and had to modify my route from the first run as it was too hilly! I'm running a flatter route now and while it wasn't easy I managed it. I am going to do 2 more week three runs this week (4 in all) to make sure I've got it before I move on. Good luck :)

That’s fab!! I did R1 of W3 yesterday 😊

Just about to attempt W3R1. Love the idea of a reward to look forward to. Would be interested in peoples views on Fitbit, I have no experience of them.

Did treat myself to running kit from Tkmaxx though. Next treat W5.

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Hello Hidden,

Well done on completing your run.

The second lot of 3 minutes are daunting aren't they ? I've just done the same run this morning and the second lot took me by surprise as thought there was only 1 x 3 minute run.

Keep up the good work and hopefully the next one is a bit easier.

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