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I am amazed! Just did run 1 of week 3 and lived!


I am so amazed and so tickled with myself! I never, ever dreamed I could do a 3 minute run! Week 1 consisted of me having to walk some of the 1 minutes, now I ran 3 full minutes at a time! I am using the doublerun app on my phone because I can use the gps and track my pace but I listen before the run to Laura for that week so I can hear her helpful advice. I did it this week by slowing down and using the hedge/head vision of walking. I also kept reminding myself that there are 70+ year olds on this board doing it when I am 49. I was so scared to try but so happy I did! Hoping the next two runs this week go as well! I am so loving this board and all of the support and advice! Gayle

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Well done. Isn't it amazing for those of us (me) who could hardly do week 1 that in 3 weeks you make such progress? Laura's running tips are really good and the whole programme is excellent! But this community gives it another dimension as well, I couldn't have got past W3R1 without the support here. All the very best with the continuing runs.

Congratulations, I see a baby in your photograph - are you going to buy one of those jogging buggies to take baby out with you also?


Well done! I start week 3 tomorrow and am dreading it! I find your post encouraging :)

I use endomondo to track my route and pace and this works at the same time as listening to the podcast.

I havnt tried tracking have just finished run 1 of week 3 but I feel like I am going so slow, I k ow Laura says not too fast but I think I am in danger of being overtook by a snail !!


Lane, this is a granddaughter! My two grandchildren wear me out just watching them! I do have a double stroller which we use for walks. Thank you everyone for the kind comments and support, it is so appreciated!

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