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Caught between the bad bunny and the deep blue sea - W7R1 A Big Fat Failure, But I Don't Care

Caught between the bad bunny and the deep blue sea - W7R1 A Big Fat Failure, But I Don't Care

I shouldn't have gone out. Week 7 was meant to commence tomorrow but all week I have been itching to get out after the high of declaring Week 6 done and I kept plotting when I could go out again and when would I be doing my graduating run. But I knew that my body needed rest partly because I'd not been sleeping and well post Week 6 I was tired and in pain - post exertional malaise - not the normal oh I didn't cool down properly but pain relating to my M.E.

So queue this morning and the good part of my brain - who we shall call Good Bunny - said oh look 6.30 I think we are getting back to our sleep routine, now why don't you see if you can get back to sleep another hour or so will do you good you have that interview this afternoon.

Now the bad part of my brain - who we shall call Bad Bunny - Oh your kidding right go back to sleep! No you want to go for a run. Go on get up. Run run run run. It will be fun.

Good Bunny - shut up bad bunny we are resting

Bad Bunny - run run run

Good Bunny - no, resting we dont want to turn up to our interview red faced, tired and slurring words, how would that look?

Bad Bunny - erm like you know how to have a good time *sniggers*

Good Bunny - Oh haha no we are resting.

This back and forth went on for a while

8.30 am Bad Bunny - *whispers* come on lets ditch the boring old fart Good Bunny and go running your know you reaaaaaaaallllllllly want to.

Running kit on, dog hitched up and off we go.

It started off well, Ferd was being really good we past lots of runners heading towards us and said our hellos.

God I am not liking this are you sure that was only 5 minutes, felt more like 10? Ok carry on.

See that there is a dog walker up ahead, oh its fine they are going in the same direction and I think by the time we catch them up it will be time for us to turn around.

We must have past the half way marker by now? Oh wait its week 7 so maybe Laura is pushing us mentally and we are about to get a 15 minute time check.

Oh arse another dog walker coming towards me, Oh great have to put Ferd on his lead. That went without a hitch and off we continued but instead of running by my side as he normally does he decided no I want to say hello to the other dog - 22kg of muscle dog against 5'2" of me and well when he has a mind to he can actually pull me off my feet. He caught me off guard and I wasn't prepared. Tried to carry on and then it was like oh f@%$ it I am really not enjoying it and I can be arsed so I stopped turned round and started to walk home.

About a minute later - well done you've done 12 and half minutes.

Ok I though maybe I will treat it like an interval and so I stared to run again. I hardly got started before I really couldn't be bothered. I really really wasn't enjoying it and I really didn't want to carry on. I did carry on listening to the pod cast and for the first time Laura really annoyed me and even walking to it wasn't pleasurable. My ears hurt and I don't know if that was the music or my M.E. playing up (I suffer noise sensitivity).

I don't know if the failure was because I really shouldn't have made an attempt today, if I'm not really ready for week 7 or if it really is the music that's holding me back, I find it boring and then I get bored and my mind wanders and then I lose concentration. Maybe that's the problem, I'm bored, its hard to do/enjoy something when boredom creeps in.

I am thinking I need to try week 7 again after all I know I can run for the time given - but I might give my own music a try and see if that helps. I also think that unless I am going to go between 6 to 7 am in the morning then I really do have to leave Ferd at home, its fine (mostly) as long as we don't come across any dog walkers.

P.S the picture is of Bad Bunny aka Wooster WooWoo he is one of my Giant Bunnies. His brother Jeeves aka Good Bunny is the grey one behind him. I have 2 Giants both are French Lops. I also have 2 little bunnies. I like bunnies :D

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Sorry that your run didn't go according to plan today. I can't comment on the ME symptoms as I have no knowledge of the condition at all. However, sometimes we need to rest a bit longer even if we are itching to get out there. I had planned to have my first try at Stepping Stones this morning but had to go into town and used my bike for that. I could go out for a run this afternoon but as I cycled I could feel a bit of a pull on the quad muscles at the front of the thigh. I'll see how I feel later this afternoon (although I prefer morning runs) but think it's most likely that I will put off doing a run now until tomorrow morning. Sounds to me as though you would have been happier listening to Good Bunny and staying in bed this morning. Hope the symptoms clear up soon and you can have a run the day after tomorrow, or even the day after that. Good luck and best wishes.


I haven't let it put me off - just decided today wasnt meant to be. But I have compiled a playlist to see if that will help, just need to work out how I can keep track of timings.


Oh bad news Spoonierunning, that sounds like a horrible run. Bad Bunny needs a severe talking to and no carrots for a week! I was meant to do the same run this morning but my knees still felt a bit achy from my last run, so stayed in bed instead. W6 was silly tough so it's not surprising it took it out of both of us. Give yourself time to recover properly, then give it another go when Good Bunny says you're ready. Take care x


I think no 'nana for a week would be a better punishment. Week 6 was just rubbish and seems I brought that into Week 7 but I havent let it put me off. Gonna try again, only this time with my own tunes.


Boo to Week 7, Boo to Bad Bunny and Boo to Laura being annoying...!!!

Love your post, it made me chuckle.

I got bored with the music too, I was using the podcasts, but stuck with it as I thought Laura was great. It was a real treat graduating and running to my kind of music. Not long to go for you :D

Stick with Good Bunny and try again later, good luck!!


thank you I will be trying again it hasn't put me off. I am going to see if my own music makes a difference but I will listen to the podcast when I get to Week 8 and Week 9 respectively. I think its important that I listen to them at least once, dont want to miss out on any gems of information and I think I should use the podcast for the graduation run.


I stuck to Laura until I graduated but now 'run free' listening to the sounds around me. I needed Laura to get through.

Good luck and listen to good bunny.


Laura has got me this far but I think I need to try my own music to see if that will help, but I will make sure I listen to weeks 8 & 9 when I get there.


I don't think you need to change anything at all (well apart from not listening to Bad Bunny because you and I both know there are only a certain number of things you can do in a day and on this day, the number one priority was the interview) At any rate a) *everyone* has a rubbish run sometimes and b) I can tell from here you are experiencing that down feeling which is pure knackered neurology/immune system talking, so no time to be making any decisions.

I remember my worst C25K run was a Week 7, canalside, dog on lead, no fun at all... it was just a blip.

How did the interview go after all that?!


thank you - I have been compiling a playlist so looking forwards to trying again :D

Actually all things considered I am feeling pretty good this evening.

The interview was strange. Very very strange and I think I had the most random interview question ever - they gave me a word and I just had to talk about it - could say what I liked and for as long as I liked the word was purple!


Spoonie, Bad Bunny does sound like the naughty miscreant! I think this morning wasn't meant to be and that your next run will be fine! :-) You could play your own music and time yourself with a stopwatch? If I'm still a bit of a way from home when Laura and her music have finished, I put mine on and use the stopwatch function on my watch to monitor what I'm doing. I do find it more enjoyable to run with my own musical choices, I must say!

I love your gargantuan bunnies, by the way! Did you reply to the purple question with "that's deep, man?" Geddit?! :-P


Thank you.

Now why didn't I think of that, that could have just been my whole response to the purple question and then waited to see if the penny would drop.

Oh and I snuck out for a run with my own playlist today - much much better


Loved your post and gave me my first giggle of the day .Your name should be BunnyGirl !

As for the interview : the word purple. Weird or what. I would have started off with 'that's the colour of my face after running 30 minutes (or less). Then done a rendition of Prince's Purple Rain. At that point I would have been shown the door . Lol.


Thank you.

I am still confused over the purple question. I don't understand what the random question was for.


Well done spoonierunning at least you managed part of the run - with ME too, you should be congratulated. The fatigue with ME is dreadful, so I think that you should give yourself a pat on the back for achieving what you have - you are an inspiration!


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