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Just finished Week 6 run 1 but thinking I need a longer warm up

I am still amazed that I got this run done today only because it was around 31-32C out where I run. (Luckily there were nice winds that helped a bit) What I have been noticing though is that if I just do the typical 5 minute walking warm up, my calves really feel it when I run. Didn't used to be that way. I'm just wondering if anyone else stretches before they start their runs and does it help?

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Stretching before a run doesn't make sense. Stretching is done after the muscles are used or put thru their paces. What you need is more of warm up before you start the run. Depending on how many kms you run. The longer the run the lesser the amount of warm up and vice versa. For my 6-10 k run I do about a km of warm up, brisk walking slow jogging etc. doing stretching post a run will help avoid injuries and keep your body in a better shape for your next run. Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I guess I'll just try and walk a bit more before I start the podcast. Then again I usually walk at a speed that most people can't keep up with, so maybe I just need to slow myself down a bit.


Phew - seems mad to talk about needing more of a warm up in those sorts of temperatures!

Don't you think that your muscles are just having to adjust to the longer spells of running? A lot of people successfully complete week 5 run 3 then find week 6 really tough at first. It goes without saying that you need to step up the hydration too.

Opinion is divided about stretching befor a run, but pretty unanimous about the benfit of stretching afterwards.

Enjoy your running.


I'm guessing that you are not running in the UK!! I must admit that I hate running in hot conditions (I remember walking in the desert in Tunisia ~ Sahara) and I got to wondering how the runners manage in the Marathon de Sable; maybe you have some appreciation of how they feel.

Back to your point ~ are you taking your rest days properly? These will help, but post-run stretches are VITALLY important and will affect how you feel and perform on the following days.


My rest days are only slightly rest days. I work for a cafe so I am on my feet for about 6 hours almost non-stop. Mind you, when I get home on my rest days I have amazing naps :D


We had a very small heat wave (of about 3 days here because of a high pressure front) in California. I do try and take full advantage of my resting days. Wondering if part of the problem is working for a cafe where I'm on my feet all day as well.

And I have to say thank you again to everyone for all the responses. I've been better about hydration (drank 3 liters of water after yesterday's run). I think I'm just pushing myself a bit more than I think I am.


And thank you everyone for the advice and responses. They helped a lot with my run today (W6R2). Very much appreciated and thank you again all!


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