Week 1 Run 3

well Ive completed week 1 which is a mini milestone. Set off far too fast this time (must remember I still at the start of this) and have a sore right achillies (now being iced). Really glad to have completed week one, even though I spell of cow cr*p. Having the right music to run to is so important, maybe I'll post my playlists later.

2 days off now. Good luck to all C25Krs out there

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  • Well done on completing your first week :)

    I'm not too far in front of you! (Only one run) :D

  • Do be careful with your tendon! My GP told me not to run until I am entirely pain free. Ice is good and massage your calf, thigh muscles too.

    Hope you are soon better.

  • Well done - enjoy your rest days and yes I agree - slow down! I realised I was going too fast and struggling at a later stage but I listened to laura and she is right . This programme works but it's not a race. It's building stamina gradually and the buzz is phenomenal. Good luck!

  • Do stretch after your runs nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... It can make all the difference and help avoid injury. Congratulations on finishing Week 1 and good luck with the rest of this wonderful training plan.

  • Keep going and well done

    I can't believe that I am at Week 7 run2 done. Don't go too fast and as Laura keeps reminding us, trust the programme. It really does work. I ran without Laura today on my own playlist and really missed her encouragement at just the right moments. May go back to her on Sunday :-)

  • Well done on finishing your first week of the plan. You are right to remember to keep it slow and steady - it's very easy though to take off a bit fast, especially if you are feeling a bit enthusiastic. Good luck with the start of week 2 and best wishes.

  • Great stuff :) it feels great doesn't it :) I've just ran my first run of w2 tonight and the two day rest seemed like an eternity :)

  • hiii! Congratulations! I finished W1R3 this morning, and hope to start W2 next Sunday. We are on the go!

  • Thanks to all the encouragement people - Week 2 may have to be delayed as Im hobbling with a sore right achillies...currently being iced....:-(

  • Congrats on completing w1. Hope you managed to get the smell of cow cr*p off you :)

  • yup, was a crap free run, smelling of roses now :-)

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