Couch to 5K

W8R1 - Had my very first every difficult run. Had Achilles pain during warm up walk (never had it before) but ploughed on - nothing like

being a bit of a martyr. Had to stop at 7 minutes for a few stretches. Kept going. Had to stop at 20 minutes. Then finished the last five minutes and hobbled home. My Achilles isn't very sore now and I can walk without it being really noticeably painful. Should I rest it for more than one day?? Gel heel supports? Compression socks?? Have read a lot of posts and would love some guidance. I am going to graduate even if it means hopping on one foot!!!!

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Yes I can understand your wanting to graduate , but I'd personally rest another day & I'm speaking through experience damage that Achilles & your talking wks not days of no running , I'm speaking from experience , it can feel ok but trust me it can go . Don't want to scare you rest it a little please .

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Hello! Thanks very much for this advice. I will take it easy for a few days and ease back into my running. After years of gracing the couch, i am so thrilled to be running again. I will curb my enthusiasm!!


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