Personal trainer?

Has anyone else used the services of a personal trainer? I am seriously considering it. I am really floundering in my attempts to regain the fitness I had before I crashed and burned back in February. I started Couch to 5K again but felt, if anything, I was losing yet more fitness by going back to square one. I jumped a few steps and am now due to start Run 1 of Week 6 tomorrow, but to be honest Laura is starting to annoy me. The second time around her 'You're doing REALLY well' sounds hollow. How does SHE know how I'm doing? I'm pathetic. I'm not anywhere near the pace I achieved in January . I'm not doing really well at all! I need someone to slap my wrist and say 'Get on with it girl'. I have found someone who will help me with on-line coaching. It will cost me about as much as I used to spend on cigs 30 years ago (well, inflation adjusted) so I don't feel it's THAT indulgent.

Am I mad?


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  • Sorry to hear things are not working out for you fitness-wise at the moment. I remember your posts when I first started the programme and you were always so positive. I imagine anyone on here can give you a slap on the wrist and say "Get on with it" but I'm not sure that it would do much good. If you really did crash and burn out then I wonder if high intensity is the right way forward at the moment - I don't know, I'm just surmising. Is online coaching the best step to take - you would still, to all intents and purposes, be on your own most of the time and I wonder if it's some company you need to help keep you motivated.. What about classes for fitness (Pilates or similar) where you would have some company and other people to encourage you face to face. It might be more cost effective and better value for money as well. What about a running club, or is there a Running Sisters group in your area - if not, could you think about starting one, they have a website, just google Running Sisters. If you did suffer burnout then maybe a more relaxed way of regaining fitness (with company) might be a positive step forward. We are all different though and that may not be what you want or need. I hope you do find a solution to your situation soon. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thank you Fitmo. I think you are right that high intnsity is not the way for me to go. I think I really did

    compromise my immune systen by pushing too hard early in the year. Everything I have read about over-training suggests that's what I did. It's maybe a genetic thing. My 43 old son is super fit and just ran a 1 hour 24 minute half marathon. Two days later he went down with shingles! Silly boy is still planning to do the 112 mile Fred Whitton bike ride in ten days time. I think the whole family needs to have their wrists slapped1

  • I'm not sure I can jog any more slowly than I am doing already in my run bits KittyKat! But I could maybe push the pace a bit for 30 second bursts. This really is what I am hoping a personal trainer will give me guidance. This guy is known to my son and has trained a 70 year old to run a 'slow' marathon so I believe he will respect the fact that I am merely trying to achieve what I can at my age and not push me with a 'one size fits all' approach. I think that to a certain extent has been my issue with Laura. I actually feel I am lacking in core body strength compared with a younger runner and that some cross-training might help, instead of run, run, run the whole time. One thing I know. I certainly won't give up!

  • With this extra information I would agree with KittyKat - it might be best for you after all.

  • Sorry to hear you feeling below par turn turtle You have gone through a lot physically and mentally in the last weeks so don't be too hard on yourself. I could slap your wrist but going to send a hug instead. If Laura not doing it for you why not look at another plan ( I have used and liked bupa beginners 10 k ) And or maybe Pilates or yoga Or can you try online coaching for wee while in case not for you Or personal trainer session at gym if you have one near by Or large G+T and even larger piece of chocolate cake --oops scrub that last sentence Obviously you wouldn't dream of indulging

    Hopefully you just need something new to get you kick started again (Hope oscar doing well)

  • Aaah thank you Fitfor60. You have been so supportive these last few months. Tried large G and T tonight and it really helped ;-) I am hoping my coach will give me some alternative exercises to do at the gym. I'm not a great one for classes as I am too self-conscious (and am also totally unco-ordinated so am never in time with the rest of the class). However I have enrolled with our local running club and start a beginners 10K programme on Wednesday evening. They group according to ability so hopefully I won't get left behind. I have really got my determination back. It's just the ability that's lacking at the moment!

    And Oscar is doing really well :-)

  • Joined a running group ? I am so jealous I have been toying with idea for ages but just can't seem to find one that sounds right at times I'm free -or am I just looking for excuses. Your determination is obviously there and I am sure your form will return -- it might just take a wee while to get 100% fit again .

  • I will let you know how I get on. I'm a bit dubious as I really like running on my own and fear I might find it intimidating to be part of a group. Whose pace do we agree to adopt and will it be too fast or too slow (unlikely) for me to feel comfortable? Watch this space... ;-)

  • Hi Turtle! You won't be intimidated or left on your own. I joined a group, and was scared to death of walking into a cafe into the midst of strange runners, all of whom would be speed merchants, so I thought. They were lovely, and a run with them was like a light being switched on.

    A change is as good as a rest, so they say, and I think this will be the boost to your exercise you've been looking for. All the best with it and happy running

  • Thanks misswobble. I hope so. I've never really been a club person since I sulked at failing to be promoted to Patrol leader in the Girl Guides! Maybe I have been missing something all these years...

  • Hi turnturtle. I started running because of my personal trainer which was a really good thing because he worked on my technique from the word go so hopefully I won't develop bad habits. I just joined a new running group this week and was straight out the back but I'm determined I won't let myself be over-pushed by them. I don't want any more injuries and want this running thing to be sustainable. I quite like running on my own too so not sure how this will pan out as they meet twice a week. Have you tried running without anything plugged in your ears? I've never used them and managed to do the c25k programme with a watch and a bit of paper. Hope you enjoy your running group.

  • Gosh, it's nice to hear from someone else who's tried the personal trainer route. I am actually really looking forward to it now. I am someone who always reads the instructions, always asks for directions and is really not happy doing 'trial and error' (unlike a lot of men I know :-)) So, yes, I think this path will suit me. I also really like getting feedback and gold stars from the teacher. I was the bespectacled swot who sat at the front of the class and annoyed everyone else. So knowing I'm the sort of person for whom gaining praise is a strong motivation, I am hopeful. Of course if I fail miserably to meet his targets and get berated I will give up and try something else ;-)

  • I know it costs a fair bit of money but I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it. I am on my own and know I'm really a lazy so-and-so, so this keeps my motivation up. If I don't put out for him then I'll tell myself that I'm wasting my money and he'd probably ditch me too cos he's that type of bloke. I hope you manage to find the right trainer for you. I think the more mature ones are better and more understanding of some of the limitations that your body has when you're more mature. On that note I'm off to get changed as today's my day for my pt session. ;-) :)

  • Well, I went on my first run as dictated (suggested?) by my new personal trainer this morning and it was certainly different! I am following a sort of Galloway interval training metho, but the task he set me was to cover 5K as fast as I could using the walk run method which meant really sprinting for the run bits. It's the first time I've ever run at that speed since school and by the end I was huffing and puffing like a grampus, My run bits were also getting slower and shorter and my recovery time longer. My overall time for the 5K was a bit slower than my best time when jogging all the way, but I certainly felt I'd had a workout by the end and I really enjoyed trying a new system. I think I was getting into a bit of a rut with the comfortable jog I had developed with Laura's help and I really wasn't getting any faster, so maybe this will help. I know it's something I could have looked up and done myself without the aid of a personal trainer, but some of us need that moral support and external discipline. I guess it's a bit like Weightwatchers for runners!

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