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Trainer Advice Please!


Hi all, I'm hoping someone can advise me. I completed the first week of C25K on Monday. I really enjoyed it but I found that my knees really hurt after the 3rd run, and even now (Thursday) they don't feel 100%. I'm wondering if my trainers are to blame? I wear Skechers D'Lites, they are the trainers I used to wear to the gym. I don't want to spend a fortune on new trainers if either I don't need them or I can't continue if my knees don't improve. Any advice? TIA!

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Definitely important to get the right shoes. Go somewhere you can try on lots and test them out. I went along to decathlon and must have tried every running shoe in the shop. I tested them by running up and down the aisles! As soon as I tried my Nike trainers on I knew I'd found my shoe (£85) and they are so comfy I don't like taking them off. Don't forget socks are important too. I ended up with hilly double skins and they are great, with not a sign of a blister and they protect my bunions too. They are not cheap but well worth it. I would recommend getting a sports bra as well. I bought the body shocker which again is not cheap, but I found one in a sale on line. This make is a bit of a challenge to get on, but I've tamed mine now and manage it very well. Good luck and happy running!


Definitely need proper running shoes. You can get gait analysis done then buy the same shoes online for less if you want. I went to Sweat Shop and they were wonderful. You run on a treadmill and your feet are videoed so they can assess how you run and what sort of shoe suits your running style. M&S make fab anti-blister socks that cost a fraction of branded competitors and their sports bras, although not particularly pretty (and in some cases down right ugly) are really good too. If your knees are causing you problems (and mine are a right pain sometimes) there are knee strengthening exercises on the NHS c25k site that you could try and there are always the good people on here to get advice from. Very best of luck with your running adventure!

I started my week 1 in those very same trainers. After much nagging from my other half I bought a pair of Nike running shoes from sports direct for £ 40 for the 2nd week. They made a huge difference in support and are a lot lighter in weight. So I would say definitely worth the investment. Good luck with the programme :)

You guys are awesome, thank you so much for the great advice!


Running66 which nikes did you get if you dont mind me asking?


Hi miss wobble, they are the Nike zoom. Because I have bunions on both feet I was advised to go for a size bigger. They have a wide box (front) and so comfy. I've had no trouble with my feet since wearing these. If you need a wide shoe I believe Adidas do a wide one as well. Do you have a decathlon store near you?


I decided to make my running a lifestyle choice rather than a short term way of shifting my extra baggage and not get out of breath so easily. I had gait analysis done and a couple of pairs of trainers to try. It definitely made a difference to my knees and calfs. Just came in from wk8 run1and if a 48 year old overweight slob can do it you will definitely do it. Good luck and keep a steady pace.

That's my thinking, I had my third child six months ago so I've no time for the gym. This wee half hour three times a week isn't just about fitness and weight loss, it's for my whole well-being.

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