Who's in the 49 club?

Seems to be a lot of us nearly 50ers doing C25K, I started after the scales swung around alarmingly closely to 14 Stone and doing the health check thing on NHS. I used to go to the gym in the past, not that I ever really enjoyed it but couldn't believe how unfit I had become in the intervening years. The first week of 60 second runs were harder than they should have been, happily now I'm on week 5 my rise in fitness seems to be keeping up with the programme.

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  • I'm in the 49 club and glad to see there are so many others following C25K. It gives me confidence to keep going

  • Hello. 49 here. What I'd give to tip the scales at 14 stone! :-)

  • Really well done. You are doing fine!

    Just one of the massive benefits of the programme is the improvement in general fitness levels...:)

  • Well done. I'm a bit younger than you but I was around 14.5 stone (I'm 37 years old and 5'8" by the way) when I started Couch to 5k back in September. I'm now about 12st 9lbs.

  • Hey I am 49 too, 50 in August! (Eek). It does things to you when you are approaching 50 doesn't it? I felt if I don't do something to sort this body out now it will be too late! Running for me is about getting fit, having a stronger heart, lungs and legs so I might still be able to stand up when I'm 90! I am much more mindful of what I eat (she says as she stuffs the crunchie wrapper under the cushion). Well some treats at the weekend I will allow for! less worried about what I look like and more concerned with how fit and well I feel. couch to 5k has been brilliant at helping me realise I can run and keep fit even this late in life! Yeah let's hear it for the 49 club! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Not quite 49, but well on the way to being.

    So glad I started on this journey as I was so fed up of being fat, unfit and unhealthy, so started this and sorted out my horrendous eating habits that I'd gotten into. So I gave myself a kick up the bum as the only person who can change this is me!

    Good luck on your journey and I wish I was near 14 stone x

  • I'm in the 49 club. Next month is my 3 year runniversary since graduation.

  • I started at 49. Best thing ever! I'm 51 now and still getting out every other day or so. Great for my physical and mental wellbeing :)

  • I'm 51

  • I'm 44, 45 this year but started thinking if I start now I should be fit at 50 lol! I like to take my time at things ๐Ÿ˜

  • 59 and 16 stone when I started, but I now feel 10 years younger since graduating so can I join your club?

  • I think that qualifies.

  • Me! I'm 49 and determined to be fitter and able to run 5k when I'm 50. On the injury couch now (week 7) following a calf injury in week 5, but hope to restart c25k in a few weeks

  • Hi all. I would love to join the club. But I am too old. Didn't start running till I was 51. My tip is stop weighing yourselves - measure in terms of shrinking clothes size as It so much more rewarding. Me - Was size 16. Now size 12 - thank you running and c25k.

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