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Spring into Summer Quest week five - Feel free to join

Welcome to the fifth week of the Spring into Summer Quest.

I hope you all had a good break and got some running in while the weather was nice. It seems to of taken a rather wintery turn again. I was hoping that I was putting my cold weather running gear away for quite a few months, but I found myself In my trusty buff again last week. It does feel like an old friend now though. It's time to start to get our thinking hats on for the next quest. It will finish on the 22 June. I really wanted to do a run for Dad but fathers day is the weekend before the quest finishes so I was wondering if we could call it something like the "Dad's week quest. " But I wasn't sure if I was stretching things a bit too far.

It is great to add some new names to the quest, so welcome to all our new members. There are some great goals that people are working towards.

I was asked the question if you had to post every week. Like the Quest itself it's a very personal thing. Whatever helps you through the coming six weeks. Every week I will put a post up on Monday morning where we can all talk to each other, but if you prefer just to read and not post that is fine too. The quest post is always read by a few people and if support is needed it will always be there. Good, bad or even indifferent runs can be shared. Advice can be sought. And definitely feel free to boast (or as we call it sharing our achievements)

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.
























Miss wobble














Take care Rfc x

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Good week last week. I managed all my training sessions and they went well.

1) swim 1km

2) bike 8km but 5 of 6 the hills of the race. My knees felt it.

3) run 5km with just a couple of walk breaks, but I'm happy with that.

Crosstraining and stregnth That was a bit of a disaster. I some how managed to hurt the ball of my foot crosstraining. So had to do staionary bike and walk instead of second run. It is all better now thankfully. Rest day was 4 hours heavy gardening at a bowls club I volunteer at. No rest for the wicked as they say. Hehe.

On the food front I have made it a habit not to eat less than 2000kcal a day. So I am Back to calorie counting again but it's to make sure I eat enough and sure enough with the increase came the weight loss. 1lb. My body will not lose weight if I eat too little it goes into stubborn mode. I think its years off having an overactive thyroid and not knowing.

Anyway happy running to everyone, I hope it's all going well for you.


Hi. Congratulations for making all your goals this week. The weather has been very odd all week. Hope it warms up soon.

Last week, I only completed 4 of my planned 5 runs. I had an upset stomach over the weekend, so was too wiped out to get out. This week, I have 5 runs planned but haven't got off to a good start as missed my run this morning due to oversleeping. I think I'm still a little wiped out from the weekend, so will just take it easy and repeat the runs from last week. On the plus side I am manageing 5k each time now, so need to turn my thoughts to what to do next. I would like to build up to 10k.

I have started taking metformin for managing my PCOS symptoms, so this is, in part perhaps to blame for my upset stomach, but also acts as an appetite suppressent for me. So I am trying to find the right amount of calorie intake needed to help me lose weight but give me the required energy as I start increasing my distances.

A new quest would be good, as taking part in this one has helped give me some focus. Without it, I'm sure I would have struggeled to find the motivation to push myself to continue running after C25k. I have learnt that I can run without Laura sadly.

Ideas for the next quest: Father's week quest sounds good. Personally , I will be attending a wedding on the 26th June and want to lose some weight to look good in my outfit, so maybe a 'Looking Good' theme?


Hope your stomach has settled down a bit. My Dad had a similar thing when he started on them. I found a similar thing when they increased my thyroid meds my appetite went down. I am adding in more fruit and veg now as I heard its good for the immune system. Always done 5 a day but slowly building up to 10. That's the aim for the heavy training come June. I am sure you will look fantastic in your outfit. Happy running.


Thank you. Things seem to be settling, and I'm cautiously reintroducing various foods:- some seem to trigger an upset stomach for me when I'm on metformin. I'm on steamed veg & salads at the mo.


This is first week didn't do all planned runs My dad had really bad fall on frid and knicked an artery on back of head so blood spurting everywhere (sorry if TMI) I didn't get home from hospital till 2.00 am and by time I contacted rest of family on Sat morning just didn't have enough oomph to do Parkrun

Q. What do I do when I am stressed /tired ?

A. Eat , eat and more eating -especially if it's stodgy full of fat and unhealthy

Grandson came for sleepover last night and was up at 5.30 which is very unusual for him so still couldnt find my oomph for run

Anyway dad got home last night with no permanent damage and we all just back from lunch and lovely new play park with grandson . I tell you I really hope I have my dad's energy and attitude to life when I am 85 !!

Just about to have garlic pizza thingy with massives of extra cheese but hopefully back to normal eating and running tomorrow as I feel really sluggish . .....presuming I can find my oomph! Am sure it will be hiding in drawer with running gear

Happy running to everyone this week


Sending you a hug. Quite an eventful weekend for you. I'm sure when you get back out there you will find your mojo again x


Hug really appreciated Tanya I am sure you will look great in your outfit for wedding but know what you mean about feeling better if you can just lose little weight Reading your post actually has made me more motivated as you have medical problems to contend with re sorting out weight where mine is only pure greed and feeling sorry for myself so thanks


Don't be sorry or worried :-) we all have our individual goals for why we are completing C25k: your reasons are as valid if not more so because they are personal and important to you. We are all here on this site to help motivate each other. :-)


What a rotten weekend. Hope your dad is recovering well. It's so easy to get upskittled when things like that happen. I am sure your oomph isn't far away. Heres to hoping this week is so much better. Happy running


No runs for me this week as nasty, chesty, coughy, cold is winning the battle at the moment. :(


Oh I am so sorry. Give yourself a load of TLC and look after yourself. Take care.


Only two runs instead of three last week (it all got a bit complicated). I did Speed midweek, then Saturday did another 6km. Hoping for 3 this week. Managed 30 minutes this afternoon. Will do Speed later in the week, and then aiming for another 6km at the weekend.

Happy running (or resting for those who're sick !)


I really must try speed. I seem to of got a bit stuck at 5km as I still can't believe I can do it, so I keep wanting to go out and prove it again. I think you have a good idea though one speed and one longer run. Hope it doesn't get complicated this week and you get to do all your runs. Happy running.


Maybe not progressing through my Quest with much gusto eg not many runs but I'm ticking those Quest boxes:

1) I have had one swim session, where I managed half what I did before the break, and it was hard, but no slower.

2) I've completed Stepping Stones and Stamina from the C25K+ podcasts and enjoyed being back with Laura again, so I want to do Speed and then some of my Audiofuel sessions. For my run today the Forestry Commission have kindly cleared some fallen trees that have been causing me trouble for a while now (and which really wouldn't agree with running to the beat)

as to number 3, the hill, I've not run one but I've done quite a bit of walking for me including a steep hill which was tough but I didn't moan or wonder why I was doing it because it wasn't pleasant.

I guess the next Quest will take us to the solstice or thereabouts and indeed to half way through the year. I already know I want to do a 10k by the end of June but I'm thinking I might try and finally crack Strength and Flexibility too (perhaps a mini project for May as it is a 5 week programme) Dunno about the Looking Good idea - judging by my return to red faced and sweaty thanks to Laura!


I don't think I have ever left the red faced brigade. I have had to decide to wear it with pride. I have just started doing a bit of hill training. I don't know if it's right but I find it a bit easier if I shorten my stride a bit, it just seems to be a bit easier on my muscles. Glad your route has been cleared that must make things a bit easier. Happy running.


My face always ends up matching my fushia t-shirt !


Two runs so far this week. Monday I couldn't find my earbuds, so I just stuck my phone in my pocket to use it as a timer. Did 30 minutes. Went out again today with the intention of doing another 30, but somehow never felt I got into it. Breathing was rough - I think it might be kind of polleny - anyway, I ended up doing 25 minutes and just shy of 3k. Was a lovey shade of fushia when I got home too. But any run is better than no run, yes ?


Christian1 - I hope you feel better soon.

Realfoodieclub - Hill training is impressive. If I shortened my stride anymore I'd be doing pigeon steps. :-D

Ajwyld - I don't go fast enough to go red.

Am attempting The Bridge to 10k again, as only managed a few last time and then stopped.


Just completed my first Parkrun today in 31.44 at the lovely Victoria Park in Glasgow so that is the 5k target now reached. The feeling of everyone whizzing by me at the start was a surprise but me and Nuttynelly stuck to our plan of finishing in the last 20 or so, and not bothered by being lapped by the leading group. Onwards and upwards from 162nd place.

New target is to do it again next week.