The Spring into Summer Quest week one - please feel free to join

Welcome to the new quest. It will be called the Spring into Summer Quest.

Firstly a note to all from the last quest, what a great progress everybody has made. It's great to see all those distances going up and the dedication to running every week. Even through some of the wettest weather.

Here is a short description of what the Quest is all about.

The quest is for everyone who has graduated or will graduate within six weeks.

It is a six week period of time that an individual can nominate what they hope their achievements will be in the coming six weeks. It is to help people set up personal goals to keep their running going forward after graduation.

It could be a time, distance or just to run so many times a week.

The current quest will always be pinned on the right hand side and you can join at any time through the quest. Just pop a post under the current weeks quest and I will add your name.

Also as part of the quest at the end of the six weeks you can nominate a distance run for yourself. So say if in six weeks your best run was 3.6km then that distance would be put forward. All runs are then added up and I then mark them on a joint virtual journey. So as a team we can see are achievements.

Don't worry if your unfortunate enough to be recovering from ill health or injury we have a hydration station system. You can be part of the quest team and join our weekly post to tell us how your recovery is doing then instead of giving us a distance at the end of the quest your name will be added to hydration posts along the route.

Please feel free to join.
























Miss wobble








Take care

Rfc x

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85 Replies

  • Woohoo - off again! Thanks, Rfc - full of enthusiasm from the last one, here I am again, hoping to achieve 5k regularly this time. What do I mean by regularly? Erm... once per week? Although for the first two weeks I am working away so I'll be lucky to keep running at all. In fact, that's my goal for the first two weeks - do two runs per week while I'm away, then increase when I get back. Thanks for organising us :) Oh, and I'm signed up for 5x50 as well, so let's see what happens there!

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  • Thank you for setting this up, I would like to join. I have just finished the 9 week programme but hesitate to call myself a graduate just yet. This quest will give me the perfect motivation to refine my running and keep pursuing that elusive 5k distance.

    My goal is to run at least four times a week and hopefully 6 times a week with the runs as follows:

    2x 30 minutes

    2x interval training

    (the additional runs to be 1 x 30 minutes, 1x interval training)

    By the end of this quest, I want to be covering 5k in as close to 30 minutes as possible.

  • Welcome onboard your name has been added. Can you clarify something for me. If you have done week 9 run 3 then You have graduated. The program is to have you running for 30 mins three times. The 5k is just a bonus for some.

  • Very true: I know I have said to others that the aim of the prgramme is to be able to run 30 minutes three times, which I have done. Having got there now - I still believe that it holds true. However I feel like I still have a lot to learn and am not quite ready for that 'graduate' title just yet. I think doing this quest will help me feel more ready to take on the honour of that title. :-) There are a lot of inspiring runners who post on this forum and I don't feel quite ready to class myself in their league just yet.

  • Could I put my name down, please? My next run will be W8R3 so I'm about a week away from graduating, woo hoo! My current best is 4.39km in 39.00 minutes and I would really love to be running 5km in around 35 minutes by the end of this quest. (I'm also doing 5x50 which will help a lot)

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  • I finished jantastic yesterday and definately found the goal setting and updates very helpful (I graduated in February.) So April to June, I want to keep running 3 times per week. Having logged 5k for the first time last week, I'm setting myself the goal of adding 1km per month, so my (somewhat scary) target is to run 8km by the end of June. Eek !!

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  • I would like to join in this time - just one more run in wk 8 left. A bit away from the 5k at the moment but would aim to keep running 3 times a week and try to get to the 5k mark by the end of the quest. I have signed up for the 5x50 as well so the more motivation the better for me - I need a goal to work towards.

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  • I seem to be having trouble personally welcoming everybody onboard, the site isn't letting me reply to posts. Hopefully it will sort itself out. I am adding the names as they come in please feel welcomed.

  • I'm in please - my goal is to run 100km, as I am holiday two of those weeks it may be a bit more of a challenge!!!

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  • Hi Rfc,thanks so much for setting up these quests.

    Count me in for this one too please ! My target is simply to keep running 3 times a week and hopefully reach the magic 10K for one of them, fit in one run of 5K and attempt to speed it up a bit, plus a third run somewhere in between the two.

    I'll be away for part of this quest,going ' home ' for a few weeks around Easter..looking forward to staying with Mum,seeing friends and family, eating my own body weight in Hot X Buns and hopefully running it all off along the prom.

    Thanks again Rfc x Good luck everyone :)

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  • Hello RFC, please add me to the list; I have just one more run to graduation! (can't believe I just typed that).

    My aim is to keep up with 3 runs per week and to work on adding time each run after the 30 minutes to build up to the full 5k, thanks, this is just what I need to keep me motivated.

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  • This will be my first challenge! Having completed the

    I'm going to aim for three runs a week... Its pretty much what I've been doing so far, alrhotugh some weeks I only manage two. With better planning I'm sure I can et to three regularly. With swimming and yoga/pilates most weeks thats about 4 times as much exercise as I was doing before Christmas.

    I'm hoping the runs will be at least 5k (sometimes inc warm up walk) and to impriove time and/or distance a bit too.

    Looking forward to it!

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  • Fabulous. Please add me. I'm hoping to do 5km running non stop (haven't quite got there yet, but am close) 3 times a week and cycling on the other days.

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  • Hi, RFC, I'd like to join please. I am aiming to run 4 times a week

    1 slow, short and easy

    1 fast (or at least as fast as I ever go, which is really quite slow)

    1 intervals

    1 long ( but not too long)

    I'm also doing 5X50 so I hope to complete that successfully.

    Fingers cross for great spring running weather

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  • Hi Rfc, please add me to the list. My goal will be to continue running twice a week, building sensibly towards 5k. Hoping to make it to a comfortable 4k by next week and then onwards and upwards from there! Thanks for keeping us all motivated!

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  • Hi Rfc, thanks so much for this. I do want to be added but not sure of my target yet. I'm off to a Chi Running Workshop on Sunday & think that I may have a bit of relearning to do which will probably slow me down. However, I have been useless at getting out 3 times a week & so my interim target will be 3 runs a week at whatever distance & next week I may revisit my target to tweak it to fit with anything I learn on Sunday.

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  • Be interested to hear how you get on at chi workshop Waletta I have read a little bit about it but can't make up my mind about it

  • No nor me. If you read through the various articles on anything there are so many different points of view. I've even seen an article that says there's not much to be gained from a foam roller. So I thought I'd suck it and see. (Not the foam roller the chi running thing). I hope it's worth while as I'm not fussed on wasting that amount of money. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Thanks Walleta Where is the course by the way

  • It's at the Run & Become shop in Cardiff & it's inside & out so the local park must be involved. Not very happy with the shoes I bought there last September from there as I seem to land very flat footed in them so hoping for some advice on that too.

  • I'd be really interested to read how you get on too, I've read the book but working with an instructor sounds good.

  • I'll report back. This workshop is between 1pm & 5pm but the day before you could book half hour sessions which I think would be individual attention. I'm definitely not ready for that. I think to get the most out of this I need to do a bit of reading. So far I've only read a little on the net after Kiwi Helen recommended it.

  • I would like to join. My aim is to be able to run 5k by June and I will be running 3 times a week. Thanks!

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  • Oh Rfc this quest has come at the perfect time for me Thank You thank you The last day of quest is Sun 11th may -- the day I am running 1 mile charity race with my 3 yr old grandson who has leukaemia in Newcastle . I am so excited about it As some of you know I couldn't run a step last year and was mortified. I promised my grandson I would run it this year and started c25k So my goal will be to continue running 3-4 times a week and try and increase speed at park runs Still struggling with eating too much so am going to focus on getting back on track with that too Happing running everyone

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  • That's a terrific achievement. bet your grandson is really excited. I know what you mean about the eating though.

  • Hi Rfc. I managed to finish the last quest with a 10K PB yesterday (only the second time I've run 10K, mind you). I'm planning to enter a 10K race at Easter so I'd like to manage that sort of distance once per week, so it becomes less of a struggle than it was yesterday. I'd also really like to use some cross-training to improve my running, so that is another goal. Although I haven't particularly enjoyed the couple of attempts I've had so far, I think I should make intervals a regular part of my regime, so I'd like to do an intervals run once per week. And I think I should make the effort to get to at least one parkrun every quest. I'm not going to commit to running more than twice per week (although I am aiming at 3+ runs) because I'm also doing the challenge, and I want to mix it up with lots of different activities. Lots of goals to try to keep up with this time!

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  • Hi Rfc. I'm on W7R1 so should graduate in a couple of weeks or so. My aim is to graduate and run 30 mins 3 times a week. I haven't measured distance yet but I shall hereby state an aim to run 5K by the end of this quest (eek!)

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  • Can i put my name on the list

    Looking to do 10k or a little over 3 times per week ready for the Great Manchester Run in May.

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  • Please add me as well. I want to continue running 3 times a week and improve the length of my runs - distance and time. I'm hoping to be running 8K by the end of this quest.

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  • I'd like to join again. These quests are a good motivation. I'd like to run 3 times a week whenever possible - between baby- sitting duties and ageing- Mum sitting duties. I aim to do at least one Parkrun by the end of the quest.

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  • I'm in! I do have a 10k booked at the end of April. I would like to do a 10 k of my own as well as the organised one. I want to be dropped off somewhere and run home! That makes it a different challenge for me... I have to be braver! I have a route in mind.

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  • I've been thinking of doing this, Deb. My routes from home are not very varied or interesting, so I might try catching a bus or train somewhere and run back, if I can find a good route.

  • Put my name down please RFC. I intend to keep running every other day, keep up with my fitness DVD's, dog walking and healthy eating. My shape is changing for the better and I want to keep up the momentum. A challenge like this gives me the incentive to keep on running.

    Thanks for organising it RFC. It's appreciated it really is

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  • Count me in too please, I'm doing 5x50 which will keep me active, but to be goal specific I'm aiming to keep up 4x a week, maintaining my distance run of 10k once a week most weeks.

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  • Count me in please.

    Aiming to run 3 times a week and a total distance of 80 km during the 6 weeks. I think the lighter evenings will help with this.

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  • OK, here are my goals for Spring into Summer:

    1) Get swimming again after a 3 month layoff (have bought 12 swims in advance)

    2) Revisit old favourites ie C25K+ and Audiofuel to do intervals and speed work.

    3) A hill - although possibly not the one in the picture yet

    (I am going to save 10k as a formal goal to the next Quest as end of June was my New Year's Resolution and why rush it - the other things will all help towards it and I am feeling the need to re-focus on getting out more often rather than for longer)

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  • Scuse me for being a bit dim but do we just give you details of our best run at the end of the quest, or are we logging runs individually somewhere on here?

  • Sorry I don't think I explained it very well. On week six I put the normal Monday post up then on Friday of week six I put a post up for the end of the quest. We can then log how the quest has been and if you want you can put your longest distance up on your post. I go through all the posts on the Monday morning and log the new virtual run as well as putting up the post for the start of the new quest. I hope that helps.

  • Hello

    Go on then - I'm a devil for punishment. Have also signed up for 50 x 50 and did my first 5K today so my goal is to do 5K in 30 minutes regularly rather than astonishingly!

    Thanks for this quest.

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  • Ta RFC!

  • Do we have to post things each week?

  • As with everything with the quest it's a totally personal thing. Every week I pin a new post. Some members post, some don't, some chat away to each other through out week, some only post on the final Friday post of week 6. Which ever suits you and helps you get the most out of the quest. Your never made to feel to do anything, but support is always there weekly should you like it.

  • The only quests I get to go on is when I have forgotten something at the Supermarket. There are always people in the way and they really are totally unaware that the checkout person is nearly at my last item and the only way they can have a chat with one another is by lining their trolleys together to form a kind of Crystal Maze in the middle of the aisle you have chosen as a short cut to get to the dog food. So, yes! I'd like to join this particular stress free quest please.

  • Hehe. Welcome Onboard your name has been added.

  • maybe this post could be explained to me in other words that are not so hard to follow

  • Hi Rfc - I'd like to join. I've just done W9R1 and at the moment I do 2 miles in 30 minutes. Once I've graduated (all being well on Wednesday), I intend to continue with 3 runs a week and my goal will be to do 2.5 miles in 30 minutes.

  • Excuse the confusion. Welcome onboard your name has been added.

  • Finally been out and done my first (and only) run of the week, totalling 9.4K plus extra 2.4K of walking. I put off running earlier in the week, due to the smog, and by later in the week I was both tired and doing overtime, so didn't get a chance to run before the weekend. Hope to do better next week.

  • Hi

    I graduated on Saturday so please put my name down. My goal is to run for 30 minutes twice a week and run at least 5k once a week. I know I need to build speed and stamina but I think stamina is the most important right now - and the regularity of the runs! My PB to date was to run 5k in 31 minutes. I'm not worried about beating that at this time but to at least do it again, or a couple of times again, will be good.

  • Hi and welcome onboard I have added your name on the post for week two that is pinned on the right.

  • Hi All, I would like to join please.I would like to run 3-4 times a week for 20-30 mins. My quest is to run the Race For Life 5K in 30 mins, which is June. Does anyone know an app I could use to track my route/ calories used?

  • Hi and welcome onboard your name has been added. There are loads of different ways of quantifying distance and calories everyone has there favourite. I personally use runtastic pro and myfitnesspal but maybe someone will recommend something different.

  • Thanks, I'll check that runtastic pro app. Going to spin tonight so I'll check out the app for tomorrow's run.

  • Is it too late to join? I am in recovering from illness mode so probably the hydration station slot is best for me.. I have started again and am up to Week 4 and hope to be back to 5K in a month or so. After that I have to train for the 10K I have entered in July. It doesn't seem quite such an impossible task now.

  • It's never too late to join your name has been added. It will be in the week 4 quest post.

  • Hi! Can you put me down please? I have graduated and stuck to running 30 min blocks, but am still not at 5k. I would like to be achieving 5k runs by the end of the quest, whether this is over or under 30 minute stretches. I would also like to be including at least one hill once a week. Thanks :)

  • Welcome onboard. I have added your name on the list on week four. Good luck and happy running

  • Count me in please.

  • Can I join, please? My goal is to be able to run for an hour, although with only one (two?) weeks left of this quest, I expect that to be a stretch objective for the NEXT six week period. But as I graduated yesterday, I shall start the questing this week.

  • Of course you can. I have added your name to the list on week five. Welcome on board.

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