Couch to 5K

Yippee completed week 1

Yesterday completed week one and feel ecstatic and amazed that I done it . The first run I had to drag myself to complete the last run of day one , but with advice from people on here I carried on ,it was all good advice which helped me complete the run. The w13r did not go as planned took my dog and she met some other dogs when I started running she followed and so did five other dogs ,I didn't want to stop running so had all these dogs following me lol ,nearly tripping over them ,another dog owner tried to talk to tell me my dog had rolled in fox poo yuck wish she would stop that , kept on running felt bit rude not stopping . But I done it and am looking forward to w2r1.

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Brilliant, well done you. You should feel very proud and you sound really motivated! I am only 1 run ahead of you so we will be on this journey together.

Keep up the good work and stay positive



Well done on completing your first week - it's a real achievement and you deserve to feel pleased. What is it with dogs and fox poo? Mine rolled in some and it stank to high heaven so I had to pop him in the bath. No, I don't think you were rude not to stop - your runs are time to yourself and it's important to keep the momentum going. I was just into the last 5 minutes of a 25 minute run a couple of weeks ago when a woman tried to stop me to ask for directions. I just said I was sorry but couldn't stop and went on past her. She did look a bit taken aback but there were plenty of leisure walkers around she could have asked - I mean, it was fairly obvious that I was running and plugged into a podcast - quite rude on her part to interrupt I thought. Anyway, Good luck with the start of week 2 and best wishes.


Well done...I have just completed week 1 as well....amazing how good it feels.Difficult to imagine week9!!!


Thanks for all the support, it does feel great that I have completed week 1 and am looking forward to week 2 and enjoy all the comments on here so thanks


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