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Week 6 Run 2.....floored :(

week 6 run 1 no problem but run 2 completely floored me this morning, my legs were so heavy and simply wouldn't move. Dont suppose the fact my programme paused again and my 1st 10min run was about 12mins but it was the 2nd 10minuite run that did me in. I stopped twice for probably no more to 30seconds each time but restatred and finally ended up doing 5.4km so Im pleased with that. Do I simply accept that some runs are going to be harder than others and move on to run 3 or should I redo run 2?

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I'd move on and see how it goes, that's my plan today was my w6r2 as well and was erm eventful.

Yes I think some runs are always going to be harder, but you did it and went out, would you have done that at the start of the program, be proud of how far you've come


Well done Raina on finishing w6r2. Should have been doing that myself today, but an upset stomach this morning suggested that that might not be such a good idea! Everyone seems to say we all have good runs and bad runs, so just treat today as one of the bad ones and look forward to r3. I've just noticed you managed to do 5.4 km during this 'bad' run- that's immense!! No wonder you had to stop a couple of times!! Just at thought, but could you try running a little slower for your next run -you're making the rest of us week 6ers look bad!! Seriously though, that's amazing, well done!


Well done on this second run of W6 and achieving a 5K. Week 6 is a very tough week and it's easy to get caught out. Are you starting off too fast maybe? Week 6 is one that needs to be treated with caution and respect - keep it very slow and steady otherwise you risk burning yourself out before you complete the session. The third run is a straight 25 minutes - no more walk breaks in the programme - so I would suggest moving on to that run and see how you get on but do, please, treat it with kid gloves. Good luck and best wishes.


Thank you for your replies. I dont think Im going too fast as i really do feel like Im plodding along quite slowly, I managed to do 4.8km on week 5 run 3 but think this is purely because my programme keeps pausing and I end up running for longer! think is because i run it along side my nike running app. think i might just use the nike app from now as its blocks of time rather than intervals.

Keep up the good work everyone :)


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