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Couch 2 5K 1st park run complete!!


At the start of the year I decided to lose weight, just cutting out fattie foods and eating more healthy meals. I weighed 18st 4lb's. Then someone told me about couch 2 5k, I looked it up, downloaded the podcasts and started the program. I followed it week by week and graduated the week before last. This morning I decided to have a go at the Swindon Park run which I completed it in 29.45, which I'm chuffed with. As I type this I am 14st 12lb's, the lightest I've been for years, and the fittest I've been forever!

As someone who hadn't thought about fitness or dieting in any of my 49 years I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

My next aim is to run in the Swansea 10k in support of a charity set up in the name of a friend who died in February, so onwards and upwards and good luck to anybody who's read this far.

P.S. I'm the slightly uncomfortable looking one with the hat!

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What a brilliant post. Well done!

It's a fantastic achievement and a great time for your park run.

Good luck with the 10k and enjoy the running.


Well done you! I am also 49 and need to lose a bit of weight. I have just completed week 1, but run four times. I've never taken to running/jogging before, tried to do too much too soon I think. I like the structure of C25K and my goal is to do a park run in a few weeks time as a new park run has just started near to home - i find I need something to aim for.

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to dartymoor

You don't really have to wait a few weeks -- just do one day of your C25K week at Parkrun , instead of doing it by yourself. When they say "Go" - start out on your 5 minute warmup walk, then go into the intervals for that particular week , then finish with the 5 minute cool down walk - then get to the 5k finish line any way you want :) It's easy and is no more difficult or demanding than doing it by yourself -- I did it from week 2 onwards.


Well done - that's really fast,.Good luck with the Swansea run.


Great stuff , what an achievement ! Well done and all the very best wishes to you :-)


Wow! That's fantastic, well done on all counts. Good luck with your 10k too. x


That's brilliant and what a fantastic time. Well done.


Congratulations. What an achievement. So glad to hear you are reaping the rewards of all your efforts.


Brilliant post. You have done so well. Congratulations on your current time and on your weight loss xxx


That's amazing well done. you should be so proud of your progress and determination . I did my first parkrun yesterday too, couch to 5k really works!


Impressive! Good luck with 10k run - be sure and let us know how it goes!


A very inspirational story. Well done. You must feel very proud. Onwards and upwards.


Wow......... thank you for posting this. You provide me with such inspiration :-) well done!


Well done on graduating Pikey, and for that amazing parkrun time!!!!

Great programme isn't it, and it will form the basis of your running from now on. Have you downloaded the three Stepping Stones podcasts yet? They're brill, and still with good old Laura! Bridge to 10 k podcasts can be downloaded from here too, but they are with Sami Murphy, and I can't recommend those enough


Well done,that's a fantastic story and great encouragement for all of us! Good luck with the 10K.


Well done and a very inspiring post. Good luck with the Swansea run. Best wishes.

fabulous! x

well done on your parkrun, and in a great time too ! :) you look like you' re having a good time really!

That's an amazing time for your first parkrun, well done you!! :) Keep up the good work :)

That is a fantastic achievement. Well done.


Fantastic achievement!! You must be so proud of yourself 😊

Well done you!! 👏👏👏

Massive WELL DONE! You should be so proud of yourself, for running, losing weight and aiming to raise money for your friend. The very best of luck 🏃🏽👏🏼

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