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W7R2 - got lost due to fog!


Last run on the seafront this morning and inadvertently ran for 30mins instead of 25mins! Fog was so bad that I couldn’t see an outfall which would have indicated that I was at my turning point. Unfortunately I missed it as I couldn’t see it. To make matters worse the seawall/dunes on my right hand side was very high and you can’t see over it. I found a path to take me down to the road and thought I knew where I was. I knew where I was alright and realised that I had a way to get back to beach cafe where my father would have a coffee waiting for me. So instead of running for 25mins I kept running for 30mins to get back! Those extra 5mins were hard though! Run 3 will definitely be 25mins!

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Bless you - made me smile!

Well done you


Well done lad!! I'm guessing your arms are so long you couldn't see your watch? Or you had your hands somewhere warm? :-)

Keep it 25 tho. We fellow W7s get even more nervous when you break the speed limit :-)


Ha ha, My arms are average length I suppose, I just kept running as it was quicker than having to walk further back. Ahem, I’m a lass...

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Back in the South now. Run 3 is on Sunday, not expecting fog. Run will definitely only be 25mins 😊


Oh dear! The good news is, you can do 30 minutes and it’s not even week 9 yet, go you! 😂 I bet the coffee with your dad tasted marvellous after that!

Maybe58Graduate in reply to Rua8

Yes the coffee was very welcome. I had some biscuits too, just to keep my strength up...

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