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Stretches for hip ?

Post run, I'm getting a niggly pain in a very small localized point in my hip (the area that hurts is only the size of the tip of my thumb and is one side only). I'm 99% certain its just muscle pain and that a good stretch would help, but I can't find a way to stretch that particular point. So mostly I've just been using my thumb to apply counter pressure. I've looked at the stretches in the pinned posts, but am not managing to fathom out how to do the hip ones without falling over...

Can anyone point me to any good instructions (preferably with video) for hip stretches ?

many thanks !

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Laura has done a video I think on the host site, the NHS Livewell one


I'm no expert so don't take this as gospel but... I get achy hips from running, which I feel I'm a bit young for! I didn't massively buy into the whole stretching thing, based on what Laura said and what I read up on, but what I did find was suggesting that by having weak glutes (which I definitely do!) this put extra pressure on your hips, which makes them ache. The solution is to build up your glute muscles, and then the hips shouldn't ache. This may not be the problem in your situation, but thought it might be worth a mention. Hope you get it sorted either way. :)


I have very tight hip flexer muscles so after run:- Stand on left leg and lift right foot and place onto left leg just above the knee at right angle, then squat down as low as you can. This will stretch the hip joint and you will feel the stretch in your glutes. Don't bounce, just hold stretch for a count of 20-30. Then repeat on the other side. You can repeat a second time if you feel you need to. Use a door frame to hold onto for support if your balance is not good.

The other way to do this stretch is to lie down and lift both legs placing right foot onto left leg again above the knee, place hands through to grasp left leg and gently pull leg towards you, hold for count of 10-20 then repeat on other side. This is not so easy to do if you are outside so best to practice both standing and lying version.

The other thing that you could try is a foam roller, highly recommended for runners and athletes to iron out aches and pains. Hope this helps.


Thanks Oldgirl - I''l give it ago, though I will definately need a doorframe to hold as I have terrible balance !


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