I learned the hard way that stretching after a run is a Good Thing. And that a foam roller is for masochists. However, I also came to wonder if some of my aches were actually accentuated (or even caused) by too much stretching. So I would like to have advice on what stretches you real runners actually do after a run and how many of them. And with or without stretches, do you at times dread having to kneel, because of the ensuing pain (getting up is not too joyful either).

I am finding vigorous walks, during a non-running period, are very helpful and the knees agree.


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7 Replies

  • A foam roller is not always required, and should be used carefully. I used mine to help with inflammation from shin splint but there's an art to using it properly. My physio showed me what to do

    Post run stretch is just that. You stretch slowly and make sure you get the stretch. Often it's done too quickly and not deep enough. It should be a pleasurable experience ☺ I do calf and gastroc stretches, the upper thighs (can't think what the muscle is called 😊) and my shoulders and back. I do physio anyway, which are stair hangs and calf lifts. They would work post run. Again, very slowly to get a proper stretch

  • Stair hang sounds a bit extreme!

  • I'm not sure I regard myself as a 'proper' runner but I've been running regularly for over 2 years and have always used the stretches recommended on this site, supplemented by one or two for the hip flexors.

    I also do Pilates once a week which is helpful for strengthening the core muscles.

  • Thanks for that. I should have looked harder before putting finger to key.

  • Have never used a foam roller, except for painting😂....But always do the stretches in the link Ullyrunners has put on....

  • Got to agree with everyone here. Stretching is good, not stretching is not so good. I got into the habit, and it served me well. As I upped my distance I did not up my stretching, then I paid for it. misswobble is right, stretching should be done slowly,and carefully. It should be a pleasurable experience.

    Foam rollers - I have one, and I do use it. Struggling with a tight achilles at the moment, which comes from a tight calf. My nobbly (super-masochistic) roller sorts that out a treat in the morning before I go out for a run. I wouldn't be without it

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