Running - I hate it! But I love it too :-) is it just me?

It's taken me ages to graduate - more like 9 months than nine weeks - it's so tough! But I am now running 5km three times a week - have decided to start C25k+ but it's still so tough taking it up a level - hated the pain of having to run to the ever increasing beat - but now I've done it and am back on my comfy couch I am full of happiness! Weird?


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  • I think it's a bit of a love/hate relationship. I miss it when I can't do it, enjoy it sometimes, and could find excuses to stay on the couch and avoid it - except I then start feeling guilty and missing it! One of those little conundrums in life that can't be explained easily, if at all. Well done on taking your running up to the next level and best wishes.

  • I know exactly what you mean - it has definitely got me under it's spell :-) - so here's hoping we can carry on toughing it out and crack the next level! Best of luck with your next target :-)

  • No its definitely not just you ! i was out yesterday doing a longer walk with dog, then chatting with friend made me behind schedule! so i decided a quick run was all i had time for before long shift at work! one of those days when you get started running and could easily stop( and i had to walk a few times due to roadworks ) but i knew i could make the route but did find myself thinking " am i really enjoying this"? but kept on going and actually felt like i was getting up a good pace! got in, sweat pouring 23 mins later and 3.6 k coverd, and 3 pbs! felt quite proud! its hard work but rewarding too and it does us good! :) and i love being part of this forum.... parkrun no 7 here i come in the morning !

  • Good to know I'm not the only crazy masochist out there - and the rewards do outweigh the pain (just!) - one day soon it might even start to be enjoyable!! Here's hoping :-)

  • Sometimes I spend hours talking myself into going out! Usually, the first ten minutes, or sometimes even more, are sheer hell. My legs feel like lead and I feel really miserable. After that, generally things improve. It's still an effort, though. I would love to get to a zen-like state of just skimming along, but I am not a natural runner at all. However, I do feel really good when I finish, as well as feeling smug, virtuous and superior to couch potatoes (I know, I'm nasty!). I also have a really low reason for running: I eat back all the extra calories I use up in my runs. This lets me indulge in big pasta dishes, pizza, fish and chips, chocolate and other evil things I do not allow myself on non-running days because I am currently on a calorie-counting regime. Sometimes, it is the thought of being able to have that large and wicked dinner that serves as my main motive for going out, LOL!

  • i'm with you on that, the food rewards are great when you know you deserve it ! :)

  • Lol you are right - eating and drinking is a big part of my life too - it's what got me into trouble in the first place (4 stone overweight) - the pain of running is definitely cancelled out by the pleasure of 'getting away with' fish and chips chocolate prosecco etc - well 2.5 stone lighter and I have decided running 5km three times a week is the magic bullet - I am convinced it's why I keep shifting a pound or two each week - I am determined to carry on with the program - it really works - best of luck with your challenge!

  • No, not just you. It has taken me ages too and only in the last week have I actually managed 5k - first time with running all the way was just under 50 minutes. Second time today, I mixed running fast and walking (half k run and 0.25 k walk and managed 44 minutes then collapsed in a heap!). BUT really now noticing increased fitness, slimmer waist and flatter tummy. So, yes I hate it but love it too! Keep on running!

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