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It is official. I love running!

I could never understand why someone would love to run until I completed the couch to 5k. It still didn't dawn on me until I stopped being hard on myself and took things at my pace and did what I felt was right. I had fantastic advice from the amazing people on this forum and decided I doing this for me therefore there was no right or wrong. No that is too slow. No you have failed if you have a walk between runs.

I would be lying if I said I would I don't want to go faster but that is not what is most important for me. I pulled a muscle this week so have taken a week out and actually said the words out loud 'I missed my run today' It dawned on me I LOVE RUNNING.

As a 48 year old, overweight but much fitter person I am thankful for every time I leave my front door with a great choice of music ready to play. The beach in font of me and the body that most of the time allows me to shuffle around. Now I don't feel I need to improve all the time I actually do run faster and completed a 10 k the week before last with no ill effects (muscle pull not related) Each run is a surprise now and I go with the flow and how I feel. Since doing this I have actually doubled my mileage in the last 3 months and have enjoyed each one. I am fitter, stronger and feel proud of what I have done. I can't praise this forum enough as it keeps me motivated and energised to know there are like minded people out there.

I hopefully will be out there Saturday and who knows what it be 3k 5k 10k faster, slower, run/walk??? That is what makes it exciting!!!

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Lovely motivational post dexdog. :)

Sounds lovely running where you live too!


Dexdog, you have just made me smile. What a lovely picture you paint of you running carefree along the beach. Oh happy days.


Ha ha not such a pretty sight but happy days it is!!

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Another inspirational post from a graduate! Having just graduated I feel the pull and I really hope I can be in a similar situation not only next year but basically for the rest of my life! Got a cough/cold at the moment which is keeping me indoors, but really looking forward to getting back out there.


Dexdog - you are an inspiration! Everything you've said is how I feel, and with 2 weeks to go on C25K it's just what I needed to hear!

Enjoy your run, however far or however fast it takes you! :)


Lovely post and lovely attitude! I LOVE RUNNING TOO!😀


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