W8R3 dread!

I am struggling with week 8 - still have to have an occasional wee walk in the long run. Does it get any easier? Any tips from anyone else at a similar stage or from a graduate? I work long days where I am on my feet 9-10 hrs per day. It is a struggle to go out running sometimes. Maybe it's just a phase. I haven't posted in a while but need help please!

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  • Hi Fitnessfirst, I've found that when I am tired, at the end of the day, I am too tired out and lacking in energy for a long run. If u are on ur feet so long then you will obviously be tired. Can u do ur runs in the morning when you are fresh instead? Xxx

  • It can't be easy to get through a run after being on your feet for all those hours. Can you get a run in during your day off or could you try early mornings when you are not tired from being on your feet all day? Thing is, you are only 4 runs from graduation and it would be a shame to miss out if there is a way round it. The only other thing I can suggest is if you could do a couple of short runs to keep you motivated on days when you do have to work, and do the W8R3 and the week 9 runs once a week on your day off. This would delay your graduation but you would at least still get there. Or do you have any holiday due as it would only take a week to get all the runs out of the way. I do feel for you - it's not easy to fit everything into a day and your work hours sound a bit much. Hope you can find a way around the situation. Good luck and my best wishes to you.

  • When you graduate you can run two shorter runs if you like. Nothing wrong with that, and if it means you can fit it in then all to the good

    I wouldn't quit if you've come this far. Being on your feet a lot is good exercise and probably means you are fitter than someone with a sedentary lifestyle, so see it as a help rather than a hindrance. Bet your stamina is good too.

  • I graduated a while back and have only just reached 5k (well 4.97 k actually) this evening! Am definitely better at running in the mornings but sometimes I have to run in the evenings and it never goes quite so well. However i think it definitely goes get easier and you do get less tired and achey after runs in the weeks after you graduate. Only becomes hard again if you set yourself a challenge eg going faster or further. Good luck - you are nearly there!

  • Thanks every one - I will take your wise advice and tips on board. As I am so near graduation I will push on with week 9 but I will take little breaks if necessary. Yes I agree I am not in a race so can build up my stamina in the weeks after graduation. Improving gradually on my runs will give me a further goal - I want to put all my hard work to use and hope and look forward to maybe enjoying it more. THANKS AGAIN to you all for taking time to post - It really is encouraging and inspiring - I will keep you posted. Good luck to one and all x

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