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W8R3 and the grumps


Today was one of those “I don’t want to do it today” days, a “why am I doing this?” day, a “if I go any slower I’ll stop” day.

But, with the forecast as it is for the weekend, it’s today or get extremely wet over the weekend, and today won.

It was hard, I’m going slower than ever - in fact if I don’t speed up my runs won’t qualify for the impending running World Cup!

So, to summarise, I’m in a grump 👿

But never fear, it won’t last long.........👍😁

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Well done for getting out there and running wenderwoo stick at it you are nearly done happy running 🏃‍♀️


Hi Wenderwoo...you are SO right. Apparently storm Dennis is on its way. I do that. i try to get out between showers on a rainy day and one day was so squally I even gave up. glad i did tho cos it was only once in the 4 months its taken me to get to this , my graduation day. some days are better than others but slap yourself on the back and say well done ..you DID it. You got yourself out there. Lovely weather is coming soon. spring is on its way and you'll be graduating with the blossom. Lovely.

You’ve cheered me up already......thank you, and I’m so pleased to see you graduate today 👍😁

Week 8. Can’t even imagine being in that week at this point. Congrats.

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You will be in the not to distant future 👍😁

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You've got a great handle!!! dieOR5k


I am sitting here trying to get myself out the door to do the same run.

Well done you for getting it done.

Get yourself out there before Dennis arrives 👍😁

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I did it!

Yay! Bet your glad this morning with this weather 😁

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Although wet here this morning I would run in this. But not later when the wind and the real heavy rain arrives. Because I am on hols next week I have greater flexibility about when I run so hopefully can dodge the worst of the weather. Good luck with your running next week.


You know as well as me we all get those kind of days or runs. But you got out and you did it. Hope you've cheered up a bit now. Have a nice weekend 🤗🤗🤗

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Thanks! I’m fine now the endorphins have kicked in 😁

Brilliant that you went out and did it 👍💪, despite not feeling like it.

Glad the endorphins have kicked in now.


They can't all be great runs. You did it, that's what matters. Onward and upward! 🏅👏


Well done on going out when not really in the mood. It’s easy to go when in the right mood but so much harder when not so well done. Hope the weather isn’t to bad. If it’s any consolation I just got soaked playing golf but the sun is coming out now. 😁🌞🥳

Aww hope your grump went away, when i get in a grump Willow throws me a bit of nicotine gum lol

You went out and you ran, I really only started to enjoy running when we’d finished the programme and was in control, often I say we can only run 15 minutes and then we run on and on like today I didn’t really want to stop at 40 minutes

Good luck for next week


Well done for getting out there Wenderwoo! Tough to get yourself out of that door sometimes isn't it! But you did it! On to week 9!

Well done for completing Wenderwoo, enjoy the grumps, we’re all allowed to occasionally 😊

At least you missed out on Dennis, enjoy your rest day tomorrow while he’s doing his worst x

Aww sorry you’re in a grump!!! But you should be pleased you got out and completed another run! Well done! And on to the home straight of week 9... yippeeee!

I’m heading out for my run shortly and feeling grumps too lol 😂🙄 x

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You’ll feel much better afterwards 👍😁

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You’re right! I do!!! Much better run than Wednesday! Despite my running lights dying a death half way! X

Well done for getting it done 😊

I am due to start week 8 tomorrow - going to check how early Dennis is going to arrive & aim to get out there before he blows in 😁 🍃 hopefully!

Only 3 runs left - go you ☺️ 🏃 👍

I’m happy to join the grump club if you’ll let me. Albeit for a slightly different reason.

Well done for getting out there though. That brill that you did :) x


I firmly believe it's these runs that make us stronger, well done for getting out there

Determination at its best well done 🏃🏻‍♀️👏👏👏


Well done Wenderwoo! You are doing so well! 3 more runs to go!!!

I'm doing the World Cup Running too! Hopefully you next 3 runs will be easier than the last 3 with the wind and rain! Good luck! 🏅🏆🍀

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