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Survived Week 1 Runs 1 and 2!

I did it. I finally did it! I talk a good talk and this week I finally ran (well, more walked, hobbled, jogged) a good walk! I knew I was unfit but I am shocked at just how unfit I am. I have a new found respect for runners. Anyone who can run more than 40 seconds without having the emergency services on speed dial is a winner in my books! I ache today. Well that is playing it down a little. Every muscle in my body was screaming at me after R1, even after stretching it out properly...but I expected that. A little less today after R2.

I'm sooo a non runner... And at 14 stone and size 18, It's hard enough work! But yesterday (R2) when Laura asked me if I was ready, I was able to say yes and mean it! I paced myself a little better as I knew what to expect and remembered to breathe...rather crucial I know! And don't tell anyone... But I actually enjoyed it!!!!

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Snap to everything you just said - we are the same weight/size and up to the same point in the programme hehe.


well done! it's a great feeling isn't it? I guarantee in two weeks you won't believe that you found 30 seconds of running hard. :)


Well done on making a start on the C25K. Enjoy your runs because, surprisingly, as you start to make progress the weeks fly by. Good luck with R3 and best wishes.


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