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back in the groove

good little training week for me 10k on tuesday with a 2 mile cool down run 10 miles on thursday and 5k friday and 14.2 miles today in 1.51 ,todays run was fine really got in to it after 5 miles got my breathing right legs felt good run past town and took the cycle way out in to the country side nice and quiet and runners that say hello in fact everybody said hello today ,any way this route has got a few hills in it and was a bit more harder good for building my legs up only problems i had today was very sore calves for the first 4 miles and a slight pain on top of left foot this is a result of ankle hopping exercises last night and ive crossed the 800 mile mark since september ive also lost toenail number 3 hm 6wks now after today the sub 1.40 is in sight or better i love it when a plan come s together happy running all

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Fabulous progress well done you!!!


Good for you - I can compete on toenail loss. One gone - 3 to go:-)


thats 3 in the last month


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