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Consolidation 1 Back In The Groove


Following my mid week completion of the programme I went out for my first consolidation run this evening before supper.

Although I had completed the programme I was a little disappointed with the way it had gone.

This evening's run was more like the old me. I went out volunteering as I do most Saturday mornings and returned home after lunch. I was feeling a bit tired so had a little siesta. An hour or so afterwards I went out for my run. I repeated the week 9 run and it felt so much better.

I am now looking forward to my second consolidation run.

I would like to thank everyone who left a message of congratulations after my last run. They really are very much greatly appreciated. This is a great place full of very good, supportive and encouraging people. I intend to stick around here, if you don't mind, to continue recording my own runs and encouraging others where I can.

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Definitely stick around! Well done. You can enjoy a few runs now and why not head over to Bridge to 10k at a time that suits you?

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I ve got the green nhs c25k app and I m starting week 9 this week . I googled bridge to 10k and was inundated with a page of apps . Can I ask which one is the next one after “Laura” ??? I was expecting it to be in the same format but just have bridge to 10k in it ....🤷‍♀️🙄🤦‍♀️🤔😟

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If I'm honest I just use the one on here called JJ's magic plan. You can join the forum like C25k and go at your own pace but there isn't anyone in your ear like Laura. It gives you 3 runs a week which builds all the way to 10k. Bridge to 10k is on here so join the group and have a scroll through. Hope this helps.

It’s a strange time consolidation because you aren’t aiming for anything but carrying on, there is a group to encourage each other,

We just did a run and ran for how long we wanted to up to 30 minutes and began to really enjoy it

Have fun and enjoy running

Good to be back on track! Yes do hang around; your experience is valuable :)

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