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Groove is back in sight, probably

I've not run much recently, only once in each of the two weeks we were on hols. Granted those two runs were in Canada and one of them was round Stanley Park, Vancouver. Nevertheless I could feel fitness ebbing away, and that's no small matter with Great Yorkshire Run now only 12 (eek, 12!!) days away. So it's all hands to the pump, or legs to the pavement. Here's hoping that a good inherent level of fitness will quickly catch up.

I set out yesterday with the best of intentions but was under-dressed for the cold and only did 15 mins before "sod this" came the cheery cry. Today, more warmly dressed, was better. Endomondo tells me I did 5.07K in 31m36s and an average of 6.14 mins/km. That's more like it. So although I don't think I'm quite back in the groove I think the groove is almost in sight. There's just the small matter of two return trips to Cornwall (600+ miles each, to take daughter-with-a-learning-disability on her hols) to further disrupt things. One this week, one next week. Hey Ho!!

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I predict you will be great -and if it starts to get too much just picture that elk on the move. Linda


That's a good image to hold on to! Thanks Linda


You will be fine - the event itself will carry you on. one of the things that helps me when I am running - sorry it is a bit evangelical - I run each mile for someone and think happy thoughts - it does not so much spur me on - but puts me a calm thoughtful place of well-being.

Hope your daughter enjoys her hols. Parents - the unsung carer heros' make this possible for them. Respect my friend.

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Thanks suzybenj - I like the thought of running each mile for someone. Will bear that in mind.


your groove is back mentally...and thats the biggest part...you will be fine, just keep running...


thanks Juicy; just gotta keep on keeping on!


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