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Just finished week 8! Sore Achilles tendon :(

I noticed after my last run that my right Achilles tendon was a little sore. This run (I'm in Oxford for the weekend) I started and it was a little stiff but loosened up. Unfortunately there was an uphill bit in the run and it seemed to take its toll on my tendon. I finished the run but I'm now a little sore.

My father-in-law (who we're with for the weekend) used to be a physio and has said that the 4 inch heels I'm getting into after the run (not during, silly) aren't helping, so I thought I would share with any other tart-trotter wearing peeps that it's better to wear flats for the rest of the day after a run to avoid shortening of the Achilles tendon.

But, go me for finishing week 8! I can't believe that I've managed this. It's taken a little longer than expected with all the stuff going on in my life, but I'm going to start week 9 in a couple of days. I just hope I don't get any injury to my tendon. Once I've graduated (hopefully this time next week) I'm going to enter the Race for Life in memory of my good friend Brian who died of cancer at the end of March, hopefully I can raise some money for cancer research.

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Well done on completing week 8 and sorry about your tendon. Good thing your father - in - law happened to be on hand with advice for how to deal with it. Good for you for deciding to enter R4L on graduating. I signed up for it during my 5th week of this programme. I'd had a health scare, which turned out okay, but I thought about the people getting test results that same day who wouldn't be so lucky - and signed up to do the race. Let us know how you get on with signing up for it. Good luck with W9 - I'm about to start it as well - and my very best wishes to you.

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Thanks Fitmo. Good optimism to sign up for R4L on Wk5! I wasn't as confident. Glad to hear that the health scare was ok, but I like your sentiment and generosity of spirit thinking of all those who weren't so lucky. Where are you doing the race?

Good luck for week 9, I'm hoping the extra 2 minutes shouldn't make a huge difference... (fingers crossed)


I'll be doing the race in Bedford on 15 June - 5K route.


I'm doing Clapham Common on 31st May (although it's a friend's 50th birthday party in the evening in Oxford...) and hoping to do July 17th in Oxford too.

Good luck!


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