Injured, and really fed up with it now! Advice needed!

Hi guys - and gals of course! It is now 4 weeks since I last ran, when I came back with a painful Achilles tendon. I was just beginning to realise so many positives that the running was bringing. Blood sugars nicely under control, weight dropping, hunger minimal and just general feeling of well being.

Now my blood sugars are all haywire again and the weight is creeping back on.

I have been keeping up the RICE routine along with foam rollering my calf muscle. I walked to town today, very gently, about 1 mile and now I'm home the pain is still significantly there. I think I probably need to see a physio now. Anybody else have any advice on this type of injury?

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  • Poor you, I totally sympathise. Have you seen your doc? Four weeks of agony sounds like its time for medical advice just in case. It's a bloomin misery having an injury innit? Sending danzargo healing vibes!

  • It is time to go and see the doc now I guess. I did have that leg in plaster for weeks about 15 years ago because the tendon was separating. I don't want to go back to that but I must see the doc now because it's not getting better this way.

    Thank you so much for the much needed healing vibes Dan!

  • Yep, I'm feeling your frustration! I injured my outer ankle on my first run after graduating (2 weeks ago). Unable to weight bear for a few days, lots of RICE but no real improvement. Went to local minor injuries unit about 5 days after the injury happened to get it checked out, where I was told that I was too old to run (46!) even though the nurse couldn't give me a diagnosis! Feeling very depressed about this as I had made such fab changes in my life since starting out with this running lark, my lovely husband made an appt for me with a sports Physio. He's teaching me lots of stretching/strengthening exercises, along with ice, ice, ice and assures me I'm not too old and WILL be running in the Race for Life on 18 May! Not running yet, but can now go out on my road bike and on the cross-trainer to try to maintain my new-found cardio-vascular fitness. Sorry to ramble, but I know how horrible it is to feel so low at being stopped in your tracks. Be patient and I'm sure you will be back out there, good luck!!

  • sorry, but how dare they say you are too old to run!! I went to my docs at 49 and wanted to know if i was fit enough to start running, and even though i was well overweight and couldnt even climb a flight of stairs i was told that running would be fabulous for me :) and i'm going to be 50 this year.

  • Too OLD?? At 46?? THE VERY CHEEK OF IT! I am 66 so they would not like me turning up! I have just booked to see my GP for advice.

  • Hi Beek,

    No advice, but you have my sympathies. I've done something similar but fortunately for me I'm on the mend after 7 days RICE and gentle stretching. I managed a walk at normal pace tonight, no limp, which is a definite improvement.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and hope the docs are able to sort it out for you.

    By the way, I'm a couple of weeks away from being 54 and I'm definitely not too old for this, how the nurse had the cheek to say that I don't know.

  • Thank you, yonda 1960. I am really missing the running now. (Who would have thought I would be saying that before I started this programme!)

    I tried to walk without limping because limping throws your other joints out too. Hopefully it will get sorted next week!

  • Yes! 46 is too old apparently! You can imagine how it made me feel, but the Physio is lovely, really encouraging. I can't tell you how much I'm missing running, despite not being a 'natural' athlete and my husband, also a newbie runner (at the ancient age of 50!!) is missing his running buddy! Positive thoughts going out to all those with injuries!! Xx

  • I have recently been feeling really great benefits from the running. It was ages after starting that I felt positive good changes and I am really worried I will lose all the progress I've made so far. Hope you are soon back out there to support your husband. I wish mine would come out with me but he refuses to.

  • Hi Beek, really sorry to hear you are out of action due to injury. Its very frustrating, I know, I'm an expert these days. I've had a pain in my left heel for 2 months now and was sure it was the Planter muscle, visit to the docs and he said it was Achilles!!!! Have been using an anti-inflammatory cream massaged in twice a day and its already showing signs of improvement. Also tape it with Sports Tape and have even managed a couple of gentle runs with very little pain after the runs. Be guided by your doc and I hope you get back out there very soon.

  • Thank you Oldgirl. Do you remember at the beginning when I was commenting that the running did not give me the positive vibes? Well I never thought I would see the day I really wanted to run. Tell you what - I'm really missing it at the moment! Let's see what advice I get on Monday. Not my usual doctor so we'll see.

  • definately see a physio....poor you that sounds grim....I hope you feel better soon?

  • Thank you juju. Really missing the lovely fresh cool morning air! Fingers crossed for Monday and see what comes of the GP visit. I'll suggest going to a private physio if the NHS wait is too long. Can't hang around like this!

  • Beek - oh the frustration. Sadly I know how you are feeling. I also think I have an Achilles problem - the walking on tip toes and pain around heel being the obvious signs, so have now been laid off the running for 2 weeks. It got worse just as I started trying to creep up the distance - because I got too competitive with myself - and signed up for a 10K which I have not told my running buddy who is also doing it, as I wanted it to be a surprise for her.

  • Thank you c4ts. I just hate watching all the bloods readings and weight increase that's going on at the moment. Time will not be on my side before I lose all the benefits I'd built up. I keep telling myself that it is good to have a break every so often. I think I must have stepped up the level of training too quickly to end up like this. Lesson for us all there! (Sounds like you may have done a similar thing - too quick an increase in effort)

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