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The start of a long, long journey

Hello. I have just come across this site and its so inspiring and informative. I have just finished day 2 week 1 C25K. I cannot believe I am actually off my couch and getting fit. Its high time to shed 6 stone of baby weight (my son is nearly 6!) and sort my blood sugars out. My GP was ecstatic that I wanted to get fitter and he recommended C25K. I was horrified at the thought but managed day 1 with no problems but feared today as my legs still ached. But it was absolutely fine and I could have done more though I'm holding myself back for what is to come. Have been doing 5:2 diet too since end Feb and reduced blood sugars by 6 points in 8 weeks. I hope to be inspired on this long road and hope to inspire others who think this isn't possible. If I can anyone can :)

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I started last week and yesterday did Wk2 Run1. I can't believe I have a. kept going out and b. managed to do all the runs including the longer run yesterday.

Its true what they say exercise lifts the mood. Hope you enjoy (if thats the right word) the next run.


Great news, terrifically well done to you! :) Welcome to the best health/fitness website on the Internet. So pleased to hear of someone else on the 5:2 eating regime too! I completed C25K only a few weeks ago and wasn't entirely surprised that I hadn't lost any weight over the 12 weeks I took to finish. I have changed my shape and feel loads better and fitter - I suspect that much of my fat has simply changed to heavier muscle - I was warned about that, so no worries. However, a pal told me about the eat/fast philosophy and pointed me to the web-based TV documentary all about it. So, both me and hubby (both oldies) embarked on the 5:2 programme when I finished C25K, about 3 weeks ago. (There are loads of other websites too) I have now lost a kilo (heaps more to go still :( ) and am feeling more optimistic that if I continue running too I will eventually get my weight/cholesterol/etc where it ought to be! My hubby has got his BMI down to the 'normal' range for the first time in many years! :)

Lots of luck with your running: what feels like a long haul ahead will soon pass, and you will have good times (there are tough times too but they are majorly outnumbered as your body gets fitter and leaner). Stay in touch with this forum too - there are always folk here to encourage you along, cheer you up, and boost you along your way - like having loads of good mates who are all doing the same as you. I shall be very keen to hear how you go with 5:2 too ;) Meanwhile, I'm off for another run around my local roads - the bug has really bitten - hoping to get to the elusive 5k in 30 day soon I hope!

Hang in there fitgal2013, and live up to your great name! :D

Cheers, Linda x


Well done Linda you sound like you are really focussed with your running and now your diet. I too completed couch to 5k in December but haven't run for two months but started again yesterday. I have dabbled with the 5:2 diet but in reality it's been 13:1. I am not sure ifI am doing it correctly as I have an early dinner @6pm and then just have breakfast and lunch the next day to the sum of 500cals then have dinner @6pm. I just feel that I might be cheating because it's not a complete day on 500cals. Would be interested to hear how you do it?


Here here Linda.....Good luck with the programme's wonderful


Thanks Linda. I'm sure a combo of exercise and diet will bring the changes you want and how wonderful to be "normal", its what I aspire to be. Secretrunner -great that you are back running again. I'm not sure I would fancy it in the winter but after completing the course who knows. When I do 5:2 I have my evening meal @7pm the night before, then on the day breakfast (usually porridge) @7am and evening meal (usually stir fry) @7pm with an apple or vegetable suit at lunchtime if needed. Total 500 cals for fast day. I'm doing it for wider health benefits so i try to follow it strictly but I'm sure any reduction in cals for any time will be beneficial. Good luck


Well done! It will amaze you how quickly you go through this. We just did week 7 run 1! Can't believe I'm there!


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