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Now I'm Getting Really Fed Up!

So as some of you know, am suffering from a groin injury...overstretched it after last tuesdays run and then thought it would be a marvelous idea to do 9k on it last friday!

Have barely been able to walk much since Saturday, much less run and I am so frustrated!

Been reading all your blogs about all your lovely inspirational runs and I'm so envious!

Hope the injury doesn't last too long or I may have to start the program all over again!

Off to Zurich for the weekend so will try a run on Monday

Words of sympathy please............!

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How totally and utterly frustrating :( Painful too :(

It can't last forever! Don't do anything too soon and then I'm sure you'll be running again :)

Enjoy your trip to Zurich!


I've been exactly the same and have been running through mine, which I'm sure is the worst thing to do as I'm putting more emphasis on my left side and trying to run 'lighter' on the right, which is probably not helping. I was fine earlier on in the run, but it came on somewhere around mile 2, so I can totally sympathise with your frustration. To get this far and then think about losing fitness, is just soul destroying, but I guess in the long term, to miss something simply means we are desperate to return to form and that is the key to long term success. Hope it's better soon


I know what you mean. I shouldn't have run on it when it already hurt.

I suppose at least if I do have to wait a while and then perhaps go back to week 4 or 5, at least I know I can do it!

take care and make sure you don't give yourself a long term injury :)


Well - Im also suffering an injury - so my heart goes out to you because Im feeling your pain ( only mines in my shin!) its horrible not being able to run - and worse thing is other people ( family friends etc) saying " maybe runnings just not for you etc etc..))) wahhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! pass us the kleenex will you? x


Hi Claire.

just read your blog as well.

Definitelya kleenex moment.

My OH said the "maybe 9k is too much for someone your age"

Guess where I told him to stick his squash racquet!?!

Look after your shins...there are always other race for life events you can do....keep me posted.

Sitting around watching french open tennis and eating sweets, so not all bad!!!!


Plenty of rest.... then play it by ear. You sound like you are quite fit (9K run) so i wouldn't drop that far back. A couple of months ago i took 3 weeks off and didn't drop below the 5k on my return to running... you will find your spot i am sure, but how frustrating for you!


Thanks mair.

May come to you for advice when my groin is healed x :)


Lol I am such a wise old sage... Old perhaps...


Hope your back out there soon Gypsydepp. 9k wow good on you , what programme you doing now? Always best to rest when you have an injury though dont want to do it more damage, enjoy the tennis instead .xx


Hi maddy

Am sticking to

Run 1 ....5k

Run 2.....5k but using week 1 and 2 podcasts and jogging when laura says walk and running faster when she says run and then jogging to end of 5k

Run 3....long run adding 0.5k each time, so 5, then 5,5, then 6 and so on.

Not very scientific but it works for me!

How are you doing?


good way of thinking , i have downloaded from audio fuel interval training sessions which are really good and downloaded the adrenaline junkie but not done that one yet .


hows your injury ?

hope your resting it


Hi Maddy

Am going to try and run on the gym treadmill tomorrow.

very slow and no incline, just to test the groin out really.

So, so p****d off now its been 10 days without a run.

May have to start the whole blimmin thing again!

I havent heard of the audio fuel or adrenaline junkie training, let me know how it goes



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