Advice needed - think I might be properly injured :-(

With one thing and another (busy-ness, heat wave) I haven't run for 2 weeks. Last time I ran, I had a really good run and did 4.95K, the furthest I had ever gone. But when I stopped running and started walking home, the arch of my foot ached. It was just a dull ache, so I wasn't too concerned, and it hadn't hurt at all while running. I then forgot about it, as it hasn't really hurt since, but as soon as I put my trainers on today, it started aching again. I decided it would probably be okay once I started running, as it had been last time, but once I started running, it ached more. By the time I had been running 4 minutes, it was a sharp pain and seemed to be getting worse the more I ran, so I decided to stop and walk home.

I'm really worried that this is the end of my running now though. :-( I was going to get back into it this week while my husband is off for half-term, but obviously that isn't going to be happening now. It will then take at least another week to get a doctors appointment, so that will be at least 4 weeks without running. I am worried by the fact that it was worse after 2 weeks of not running though - how on earth long am I going to have to have off for it to heal up?! Or could it be my trainers? I am slightly flat-footed I think, but I have been using these trainers since I started the programme in January and haven't had any problems before. Any advice? Anyone had similar?


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  • Go get your gait done, it's free and may rule out your trainers. I had similar issues with my knee, ran 5k fine, stopped and it ached. Got the pain to go, put on trainers and I'd not even left the house when the pain started again! I had my gait analysed and I over pronate and was wearing neutral trainers which weren't giving me enough support. I'd worn the trainers for nearly 3 months and had completed this programme before I got this pain, so, it could be a shoe issue! Best to check anyway I say.

    I hope you find a quick cure

  • I would strongly suggest that you go for gait analysis and ensure that your shoes provide sufficient support for your arches.

    You can also do various exercises to strengthen the foot - I need to do some because, although I'm usually fine when running, I get a lot of pain with some of the yoga balances when I'm barefoot and have no arch support. If you google "Foot exercises for runners" you should get lots of you tube links demonstrating different foot exercises. My favourite is to stand on a step with my heels off the back of the step, start with my heels pushed downwards then lift up on to tip-toe and repeat as often as you feel like - it's one of those you can do anytime. Picking things up with your toes is supposed to be good too.

    I think you should probably speak to your doctor about it as it has been hurting for so long.

  • Reassured that it sounds like it could be the trainers. It ached for a day or two after the last run but really hasn't hurt at all since then, until I put on my trainers again! I'd literally forgotten I had hurt it until I put on the trainers. Where is good to get my gait analysed? I went to an independent running shop back in February, because I was advised to do so by my GP after injuring my knees trying to heel-run when it doesn't come naturally to me. They weren't keen to do the gait analysis though because I hadn't been seen by a physio and they weren't convinced it would help. Basically, they didn't want me to fork out £100 for trainers when it might not help. They had a look at my trainers and thought they were cushioned enough, but given my GP says I over-pronate and am also flat-footed, I do think I probably need to get it done and get some proper trainers that are designed for it. Will no doubt set me back £100 though, which isn't great at the mo, but it'll be worth it if it means I can run again. I'm just not sure whether to go back to that running shop or does somewhere like Decathalon do gait analysis?

  • Again, gait analysis, essential, decent trainers don't need to cost £100, I paid £40 from a specialist running shop after going in and asking for the right shoe for my feet. Arch support socks are a must too. With flat feet it may be an idea to ask the gp for a referral for special arch support inner soles for general use, which you could also use in a trainer, I don't have flat feet but do have hyper mobility which sort of causes similar problems! I hope you get sorted out soon and manage to get back on with it :)

  • Hmm, maybe I shouldn't go back to that one, then. All their running shoes seemed to start at £70. No idea where to go now though! Can anyone in the Manchester/Stockport area help?

  • Cool Runnings in Manchester is supposed to be good, Up and Running do it as well I believe. Not been to either but have heard good things about both...

  • I found Up&Running really helpful.

  • Sweatshop are highly recommended by me and many others

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