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Poorly and fed up no c25k

I am feeling very sorry for myself, I'm feeling poorly, barely have a voice and can't stop coughing so I know I have been sensible not to go for a run but I feel fed up and miserable. I was due to start week 8 yesterday but thought I would take an extra rest day and woke up feeling worse today. I decided to just walk my usual route with the children but it isn't the same and I'm just worried when I do get back to it hopefully Monday that I will struggle.

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Same here, last run last Monday 😣! Felt better on Friday but Friday night didn't sleep at all and felt horrible today. Monday now is my run day, we couldn't run while so poorly, just one of those things!!


Someone once said "life is what happen to us while we are busy planning it". :P

At this point of the programme, a few days resting while you are recovering will not cause any major set back; wait until you feel well, then pick up the programme where you left it (or at your penultimate run, if you prefer to be more conservative).

You'll be back on track in nmo time. :)

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You will be fine - you've put in all the hard work already and that will see you through. I felt a cold coming thru end of week 8 / start of week 9. Vicks everywhere was the answer for me!

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Poor you x

Me too... totally gunged up and feeling yukky. Lovely morning here too, cold and with the first flakes of snow drifting down..but no running for me today!

You won't struggle, unless you still are not fit...

I had two weeks on the IC last time the Bronchitasauraus ( my name for Bronchitis, nasty old bug) got me... and after a couple of walks and a few slow runs I was back in exactly as before! So try not to worry!

Enjoy Mother's Day and rest up maybe :)


Hope you are feeling better soon. I too have some bug, sore throat, croaky voice and lack of energy... so bad I even took a couple of days off work which is very unlike me! Don't worry too much about the running as you have worked hard to get where you have and will pick it up again in no time.

Once again, hope you are feeling better soon 😊


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