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Fed up with myself!!

I seem to have hit a brick wall! After a long break from running I got back into the swing of things. I have been running for 30 minutes 2/3 times a week and even kept it up whilst on holiday! Since coming back from hol I have only managed once a week, I just can't seem to get motivated and am really annoyed with myself. Any motivational tips would be gratefully received!!

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I think I would be thinking back to week 1 and how hard it was to jog for 1 minute. I wouldn't want to let my fitness drop to that again and have to start all over again. Think how good you feel after a run and all the things you can do easier as you are fitter. Maybe set yourself a little target. So many runs then a treat? Don't give in. Shove that wall down!

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Maybe be gentle on yourself and just enjoy some long walks or try some other sort of exercise until your running mo-jo returns? That way you won't lose the level of fitness that you have worked hard to achieve. I lost my running mojo when I started to suffer from hip pain and the enjoyment went out of running, but I eased off a bit and after a while I felt myself wanting to run again. I had no problems picking it up again and enjoy it all the more now : )


Try to spice up your run a bit, i have started to used the speed and stamina podcasts and these are great. Also try a new route or drive somewhere totally different to run at the weekend (if you have the time). I also changed my route, it was great to run in a different park (only annoying thing was the amount of traffic lights i had to deal with). Also try a different activity like cycling to give yourself a break and don't be hard on yourself!!


I agree with Vixchile - a new route might help. Much as I enjoy the achievement of running, I can find it a bit boring (shhh - probably not supposed to say that on here


Some new running gear? In your favourite colour? Certainly change your route, personally I would say to myself "today I only have to run for 15 mins then I can stop" Then I bet I would get into the swing and keep going...


Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Whilst I've never really managed to become addicted to running (unfortunately!) , I mostly enjoy and I worked so hard to graduate that I'd be gutted to just give it up. So, I've given myself a good talking to, downloaded some comedy podcasts and plan to get out tonight to do a mixture of walking and running on a new route with the aim of getting back on track - pray for me!!


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