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last run week 4

I have just finished the last run of week4,, seemed to find it much harder than the first run of week 4, also I actually felt sick this time, does anyone have an idea why. The other prob is that I never know whether i should take water with me because I seem to lose my saliva and I cant swallow and when i do it really stings, does anyone else have the same problem?????

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it sounds as if the route you are running may be a bit too hard for you and it might be best if you choose a flat course. You shouldn't feel sick and if you've drunk before you start, it should be possible to do the 30 minutes without feeling thirsty. If your throat is very dry and sore you are probably mouth breathing too hard. Try to breathe in through your nose, taking note of Laura's advice to push out the stomach to drop the diaphragm and increase lung capacity and then breathe out by pulling in the stomach to raise the diaphragm and squeeze the lungs. Practise this during your walking sessions and your body will grow accustomed to it. Week 4 is a real breakthrough. Very well done. Bet you didn't think you would get this far when you started, did you? Good going :)


I've never been able to run without taking a drink with me. My throat goes quite dry and tight sometimes - I try to sip often enough that it doesn't get to that stage. I wonder if deep intakes of breathe through your mouth might dry your throat out a bit.

Something else that might help would be chewing gum - I'm not keen on the stuff but during the first few weeks of the program I was suffering with sinusitus and the only way I could breathe enough was to chew Airwaves chewing gum. It helps with the saliva too.

If you don't like having a bottle in your hand (not always easy once you get hot and sweaty !), you can get a nice (inexpensive) belt from Sports Direct that holds two small bottles (supplied with it) and has a useful zipped pocket as well. I find it quite unobtrusive when running.


I'm at the same stage but found run 2 the most gruelling! Id had a rubbish day at work that day so i put it down to that. I guess you'll always have some good days and bad days. I've had no problems with a dry mouth. I think you can buy runners water bottles for pretty cheap


Do you think chewing gum is a good idea when running? I'd be too scared that I'd inhale it!


It was the only way I could manage for several weeks. I rarely bother now the sinuses are better but I do find water a necessity on any length run.


I totally understand on all accounts! I have literally just got in from W4R3. It was the hardest by far for me....Run 3 always seems to be in my case....but We Both Did It!!!! Well done!!!

Week 4 has been the toughest, but no doubt we will view it in a few weeks time as a milestone in our running (all be it - light jogging) careers!

I take a bottle of water with me, and during the walking intervals just rinse my mouth out with it. I find that drinking the water will cause me to feel sick on the next jog, but rinsing my mouth out really refreshes me until the next walking session. Try it out.

And for info purposes only: The bottle i use is just a re-sued Highland Spring 500ml sports cap bottle, as it is not too bulky to carry when out and seem to fit into my hands quite well...but then i'm a chap, so women may find it more of a struggle...

All the best for Week 5....i'll see you on the other side!!!


P.s. just seen that you suffer with fibromyalgia... my auntie suffers severly with this, so an extra well done on getting this far! It is amazing and you deserve the biggest pat on the back ever for all your hard work!

Well done!


Jamieegg4590 thank you for your kind words, nice to know you are exactly at same stage as me, We can follow each others good runs and bad.


Thank you to all that have given me encouragment and advice, it really helps me to keep going.


A tip given to me from a running friend, pop a couple of fruit pastels in your pocket, when your mouth goes dry just pop one in your mouth. Works every time. Worth a try any way ( just don't eat the hole packet) ;)



You just reminded me how much I like fruit pastels. I have got to buy a packet.

Joking aside great advice on here.



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