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First Park Run, hopefully, Easter Saturday

I have told myself I really should do my first Park Run and next Saturday seems as good a Saturday as any.

I have been running for about 30 minutes now for a few weeks but am not sure I can do the fully five kilometres. Currently, extracting the warm up and warm down, I run for approximately four kilometres. I think I stop because the music finishes and am not really sure I can do the last kilometre.

I need some encouragement folks!

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You will do it simply because you know it is a 5K, you can run for 30 mins and in reality you just keep going. I used to listen to Laura so just carried on running through the 5 min warm down walk and then onto the next track on the mp3 player, but knew the finish line was nearly there. Just remember you are not competing against anyone else and at the end you will be smiling proud knowing you really have achieve the 5K.

Hope it is a lovely run and let us know next week how you do.


Of course you can do it, even if you have to take a short walk. I started doing the local park run last august, not long after I started running, and would walk/run it. The Saturday just gone was the first that I didn't walk at all. The only person you are competing against is yourself, so go do it and enjoy!


Parkrun also gives you something that your normal at home around the block run doesn't give you -- a BOOST. For me, even though I don't really have a competitive bone in my body, I definitely up the ante on a Parkrun and achieve exertion levels that I don't do when I am jogging around home.


I was contemplating a Parkrun when I've graduated C25K, but a friend suggested I try when I'm on week 6 or week 7 & just follow Laura for the 30 minutes & then walk the last bit to complete 5Km. I think I might do this as then I have an idea of how long 5Km really is & I know that the first time I try it I'll have no intentions of running the whole way and can ease myself into it gradually. Hopefully it'll work!!

If you've already been running for 30 minutes then I'm guessing you'll do just fine, let us know how you get on


Well I did it. Thanks for all the encouragement folks.

Didn't quite come last and took a lot of walking breaks, which I don't do normally. But strangely enough my average pace was much higher than my regular runs.

Might try again next month.


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