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First Park Run approaching!


Think I've just agreed to do a Park Run with my neighbours on Saturday! Hopefully I will have completed W9R3 before then (meant to be tomorrow but legs still aching from previous runs and walks so maybe Thursday) but obviously I haven't run 5k before (best attempt so far is 4.4k) so some walking will be needed.

Bit uneasy about the warm up. Don't really want to spend the first 5 minutes "brisk walking" whilst everyone else runs off, but my current stretching routine is definitely for my eyes only (well and my little boy who always joins in) as it somewhat resembles Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks...

Any warm up advice welcome! Thanks.

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Lots of people doing all sorts of weird stretches at parkrun - don’t worry about it! Parkrun is lovely, and there'll be lots of us from here doing it with you on Saturday. Good luck for your graduation! 😀👍🏃‍♀️


I would so like to see those stretches! Could you try having a walk before going in or around the site? I park a couple of minutes away and class that brisk walk as my warm up even if I don't get the full five minutes.

Enjoy your parkrun, they are fabulous events!


The great thing about parkrun is it does not matter if you run, jog or walk it.

You can already do more a less the distsance. Just get round


Stop worrying, parkrun is what you make it . Run , walk at your own pace. Don't class it as a race , it is a course marked out to help you time a 5k, for you. Yes some do race off but most just do there own thing. We have runners, walkers, pram pushers, running with their dogs,run/walkers.

Anything goes, at your pace all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other for 5k. Have your barcode scanned if you want your time emailed to you . I am 66 and will be doing my 87th parkrun this week and I have run/walked around 80 of them and never done it under 39 minutes yet. Just go and enjoy it, make hundreds of new friends. I walk 2k there and back to my parkrun and stretch out the parts that feel tight. Lots of those who are using it as a warm up for a 10k, half marathon or above may be seeing running round and streaking before the start time and after. But most just turn up, get round the 5k, have a chat, then either head off home or to the nearby cafe.

DFYB = don't forget your barcode if you want it recorded and sent to you. Just enjoy


I try to get there 15 mins early and fast walk a couple of laps of the car park and then stretch a bit on the start line - most people are contorting into odd shapes so you'll fit right in😊

I'm a confirmed snail - so happy to plod along at the back - but the atmosphere is fab and everyone is super supportive whatever your level - enjoy x

Couldn't have put it better myself lyndamorag

"parkrun is what you make it . Run , walk at your own pace. Don't class it as a race , it is a course marked out to help you time a 5k, for you."

Hi there, I graduated a month ago and did my 1st Park run on Saturday! I was apprehensive before BUT found whole experience very positive and fellow runners (sounds good!!) were welcoming and supportive. I parked near and walked to location as part of warm up, BUT in my view stretching is more important. I have always done stretches before the 5 min walk/warm up and sometimes (not always) do same stretches afterwards. It gets a bit mind-over-matter in my view so keep strong and you will achieve. I did 31 mins and i'm 63 so if i can do it anyone can. Have lost over 2 stones (i had it to loose!) and 3 inches off my waist. Remember though it completing the distance thats important not the time, that will come. Good luck let us know how you get on.

Thank you all for your advice.

lyndamoragGraduate in reply to AgingMetalHead

Let us know how you found it at your first parkrun

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