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HIIT vs Couch to 5k - for weight loss

I know it does help in weight loss, but how good is Couch to 5k as compared to say HIIT for 15-20 mins.

Currently I am in week 7 of couch to 5k and plan to finish till week 9 in coming 3 weeks.

But after a lot of reading on efficient exercises to lose weight, I am wondering if HIIT would be a better option to lose weight, since that is my current goal.

I am aware that HIIT is not for beginners - that's why I waited till week 7 to contemplate it. I feel HIIT would be a more efficient and better way to reduce weight for me as compared to Couch to 5k.

Any suggestions? I am a bit confused..

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I honestly don't think anyone will be able to give you a definitive answer, probably because we are all different and respond differently to differently types of exercise.

You say your current goal is to lose weight - in my opinion, the best exercise that will help lose weight is the one that you enjoy the most, one that you end up doing regularly, several times a week, if not daily.

Couch to 5k is a 9 week programme that hopefully ends up with you being able to run (jog) for 30 minutes non-stop. What will you do at the end of it? For many on here, it's been a pathway to a fitter healthier lifestyle.

Hope that's of some help - good luck!



Thanks a lot for your reply :)

Your comments are quite helpful..



Hi again,

Thanks to ViaM for posting this, which talks abouts HIIT compared to other forms of exercise with regard to weight-loss.


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I'd also look at some of the replies in this thread:

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Thanks for the link. I'm checking it.



Is there a reason it needs to be either/or? I think there are a fair few graduates here who do both and most of us develop a rounded fitness programme to support our running.

If you've been reading up, you'll know that exercise is not the main element in a weight loss and healthy weight maintenance programme. If you are active, the risks of being overweight are reduced... so as John_W says the important thing is whatever exercise you will actually do, keep doing and enjoy.


Thanks for your reply.

As suggested I will try to mix both of them after graduating(still 3 more weeks)

Yes I've read that weight loss is around 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. And so, I have made changes in my eating habits and am seeing some positive results.

As a conclusion I hope to definitely continue running. As to whether it is Couch to 5k or HIIT or both - time will tell.



Good advice so far!!!

I think you have answered it already quite well: it is not really a question of HIIT vs Couch to 5k but C25K will bring you to a position where you will be able to tackle HIIT sessions feeling confident and strong.

Once you have graduated, you will be able to find what motivates you, keeps you active and happy. Expect a wish to change things, explore various ways of running, in order to keep it interesting and also for your body to make the most of your active minutes.

A good diet is necessary for weight loss, no doubt about that! Running alone won't make a huge difference.


Mix it up! You will lose weight if you do a range of exercise. You have to eat well during all of it though. You can't exercise and eat badly! Sort that out first; start as you mean to go on sorta thing, then crack on with C25k, which is absolutely the best thing you will ever do. Alongside that walk everywhere you possibly can as walking is a fabulous way to lose weight. You can burn more calories going for a walk than you do running, even fast, so don't knock the walking side of things. Walk to the shops, walk everywhere possible. Cycling, swimming, gym or home based exercise, etc etc.

When you have graduated from C25k and C25k + and go beyond the programme to run further then you will find that your running can involve HIIT in the form of run intervals. That's for the future though. Don't get ahead of yourself. You have to do the ground work before you can start on HIIT as you have to build up your body. If you fail to do that you will get injured.

I have lost nearly five stones, and I'm happy to say, that I'm keeping it off thanks to a combo of healthy eating, running, walking and working out at home to Jillian Michaels DVD's

Good luck with your weight loss and get-fit plans. Stick with it and you'll get where you want to be


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