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Parkrun - 5km in 23:04 - Picking up the pace again


Hi all!

It has been a good week for my runs, here is what I have done in the last 7 days:

Sunday - 10 km - 58:15

Tuesday - 5 km - 28:15

Thursday - 5km - 29:15

Parkrun day - 5km - 23:04

I have continued the weights sessions on Monday and Wednesday too. I have finally got over the little niggles so I hope to start the interval sessions again and target my 5km PB of 22:12.

My aim for today's Parkrun was 23 mins and I pretty much got there so I was happy with the run. Before we started one of the regular runners seemed exhausted already so I asked him how he was and he said he had already run 13 miles and the Parkrun would take him up to 16 miles! He is training for the London marathon. I thought today might finally be the day that I could finish ahead of him but after 1 km he started to pull away from me and I decided not to try and keep up. That was a good idea because he finished in 22 mins and there was no way I was getting that time today.

I set my Garmin to pace me for a 23 min 5km and I was able to stick with the pace. There were parts of it where I felt tired but I knew that I could keep it up.

When we finished I congratulated the guy who had now run a total of 16 miles and managed to run the final 3.1 miles faster than my PB! He told me that he now had a 3 mile walk home, he couldn't bring his bike to the park because of the 13 miles he had run before. So I thought I would get my good deed for the day and gave him a lift home.

I have guests coming over soon so I must dash. Happy running all and here is a link to my run:

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Fabulous stats as ever Aftabs...thats is an incredible parkrun time that will only ever be in my dreams!!! Good to see you back :)

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Thanks, I'm going to slowly increase my long runs so my Sunday long run will be 15km.


what a great report. Fantastic time for the London marathon and so well done on your times- more than v impressed :-)

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Great work! It is such an inspiration hearing about such good stats! I hope to do a sub 30 min 5k again soon- at 31 mins a mo

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Thanks and stick to it and the improvements will come.


Impressive parkrun time!

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Gr8 Aftabs..great runs as always!!! Have you started to write that 'Running' book as yet?!! I have stopped my running for a week or so due to an eye surgery, I shall start again soon . My intention is to run to and from work, but I got to manage not to do it everyday. Good luck for your runs!!

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Thanks! If you get me the book deal I'll write the book! I hope you recover soon. I'd like to be able to run to work but it isn't very safe to do so because there are no footpaths for the final mile, I would have to run along a narrow windy road that cars drive at 50mph on.

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'Book Deal' I will look into that, heh! Running with 50mph vehicles is not very safe, a BIG no-no then. In my case I have the pavement all the way and it is just below 5K one way, so it is 'do-able'.

Thank you for the wishes, I have a massive improvement in the vision and almost ok now, just have to do things slower though. It is strange not to wear glasses after wearing them for so long. It would be stranger when running as the breeze comes onto the face, yet to experience that!


Good to hear your still out there and flying the flag for us all on C25k, a great inspiration for us all.


Wow Aftabs that is a remarkable time. You give everyone the running bug fever. Well done.

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