Week 7 and extremely fatigued

I'm not sure if it's the right time to be attempting this, but I've done W7 R1 and found it a little harder than W6 R3, but managed it. I'm about to go out for the 2nd run of W7 (another 25 minutes) and I'm hardly able to get up the stairs without feeling wiped out.

I don't know if I should push myself and haul my great bulk out of the house and just try it, or whether it would be dangerous to push myself. I've had 6 weeks of emotional stress (mother in hospital, getting her house renovated for her return, then back to the UK, then a week later back to France to be with a dying friend until the end, then sorting his funeral and now sorting his affairs out before I have to get back to the UK for a job interview on Tuesday).

So, with the emotional and physical fatigue, is it better to go out and get jogging to rid myself of it or will it make me keel over with a heart attack? (I'm 51 and a couple of stone overweight).


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14 Replies

  • If it were me -- I would probably be forgetting about the programme for a little while -- I would pick a run/walk ratio that had in the past felt good to do -- and I would go for a gentle run in some scenic place. Run/walk for as short or long a time as you like -- but try to enjoy it. Your spirits and energy will lift in time

  • Thanks Bazza, that's good advice. I should do that, rather than not do anything, but I also don't want to feel like a failure for not making progress, possibly I should go a little easier on myself...

  • Only you can make yourself feel like a failure !! :)

  • Deep! ;)

  • Yes I go with bazza , I wouldn't push my self you have had a lot of stress & would probably not enjoy it anyway . Take care

  • The programme will always be there for you - I've been doing a 20 min 'run' for weeks now - doing it until it feels a bit easier. Be kind to yourself, but try to get out into the fresh air

  • Thank you all. I went out around the local stadium and decided to do as much as I could, but found I'd, well, jogged might be too strong a word, let's say stumbled around for 25 minutes. My legs are where the fatigue is, no problems breathing at all, don't feel puffed out, just really really heavy. But it has cleared my mind and it set me up the last time to cope with the day's trials, so here's to a positive day and thanks for all your words. I went out feeling like whatever I did, no matter how little, it would be something.

  • Dealing with pressure such as yours is terribly exhausting and if you continue to push yourself too much your body will shut you down. You MUST give yourself a chance to heal emotionally too and this will be the reason for the leaden feelings in your legs. Do not be so hard on yourself, you've coped wonderfully in sorting out all the important people in your life.

    Now it is time for YOU! :)

    Go back to the old mantra 'Slow and Steady' and just go out for small runs for the hell of it. Forget pace, stats, all that - just go out with an open mind and savour everything around you. If you run in nice countryside why not stop completely and find a quiet place to just sit and think. Let all those feelings out, cry if you have to, and in time you will get back into it again. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and you will come back stronger than ever!

    Bereavement takes time to get through - but you will!

    So! Mark up the calendar and give yourself space and time to heal. It is o.k. to spend time on yourself you know! All power to you (and a big hug!)

    It will get better for you!

  • Thank you Beek.

    It has hit me. I'm now barely able to stand up so my body is telling me to lie down. I'm in beautiful surroundings (the Cevennes National Park) in perfect sunshine and I'm about to go onto my terrace and, for the first time in many many weeks, I'm going to lie down and do nothing.

  • That's the ticket! And do not feel guilty - you've earned it, ENJOY!

  • Excellent advice. Best wishes.

  • p.s. This was meant to be a reply to Beek's post. Cheers.

  • Also, you might just be sick. A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor for a routine screening and my white cell blood count came back low, indicative of a possible viral infection. I'd been really tired, exhausted actually, a few days prior but otherwise was asymptomatic. So, do take care of yourself.

  • Whatever you chose, I hope you feel better soon. All the best.

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