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Is 5k actually going to be feasible

W7r2 today and I managed two and a half miles in 30 minutes, five of which was the warm up walk. I do seem to be speeding up, well I couldn't run much slower! It feels like maybe I will be able to run 5k before too long. I took Laura's advice on the last two runs to speed up for the last minute. It did show that I did have something in reserve. The odd thing is that at the start of each of these longer runs I have thought I will never complete it but once I get into a rhythm it is so much easier and I wonder what I was worrying about. It is so amazing that I have been able todoo this, I would have never thought it possible. Still much easier for me on the treadmill, I wonder if its partly psychological remembering the horrors of school cross country!

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If you have already run 2.5 miles (which is 4 klms) in 30 minutes -- you are almost there!!! At that pace you could run 5Klms in 37.5 minutes ( that's roughly what I am doing now at the end of the programme) --although I did get a PB last Saturday of 36.2 min and this Saturday , I am going to trail closely behind the 35 minute Parkrun pacer if it "kills " me. It will probably mean that I will have to run the complete 5 K race - but if I do manage that, then I will have completed this C25K completely in my mind! :)


Hi -and well done getting this far. Yes, much of this is definitely in the mind. Think back to W1R1 and how difficult that first minute was! I bet you're laughing about that now! Don't worry about doing 5k in any particular time just yet, that will come, just stick with the programme and you'll get there.


Hi SeenTheLight. You should certainly not be discouraged as I suspect you are actually one of the quicker ones on this forum. Timing yourself in miles and aiming for 5km is a bit confusing so lets do the maths...

You do 2.5m in 30mins inc 5 mins warmup. 2.5m is exactly 4km. You probably cover 0.5km during the 5 mins warmup if you step it out so that leaves 3.5km in 25mins which is 7.14 mins per km. 5*7.14= 35.7 (which is 35:42 when converted into seconds). That is not too shabby and I suspect will come down if you persevere.


Hi Chris, thanks for the maths! I do get confused trying to convert mph to kph etc. Statistics are interesting though and it gives us something to improve on. Happy running!


If you Google 'miles to kilometres' various websites will come up that do the conversion for you.


seenthelight I have just seen below that you are 57. I am guessing female (correct me if wrong). If you put my estimate of 35:42 into the age-graded running calculator at runnersworld.com/tools/age-... it says this equates to 28:30 in an open race. Congratulations, you are well within 30 mins for 5k (age adjusted) if you complete the distance as calculated.


I agree with the previous replies - you are nearly there and remember you don't have to run the 5K in 30 mins, I've done 2 and am at about 33 mins. You sound like you are nearly there. Good luck (but you won't need it)


Oh, I still get the wall now! about 5 mins into any run, the little demon saying - go back to bed, have a bacon sandwich and a cream egg / cuppa etc...but once you break thru that wall it feels good. Keep it up...


Hi Seenthelight

It sounds as though you're really doing well and will have no problems finishing the programme.

Unfortunately, the C25K name is slightly a bit of a misnomer for most people, as many of us are not running 5k at the end of week 9.

In reality, it should be called C230MINS, but it's not as catchy.

However, after completing the programme you will probably be able to run 5k without too much of a problem but it will just take you a little longer.

Since graduating I've run a couple of Parkruns both in 36 minutes and now I'm using the C25K+ podcasts to help me speed up and gain the extra bit of stamina to hopefully achieve a better time.

And, after a few bad runs a couple of weeks ago (probably because I ran too fast at the beginning and ran out of steam) and had to walk for 50/75 metres on both occasions, I'm now starting to see some improvements and yesterday morning I ran according to mapmyrun 5.1k in 33 minutes.

Just follow the programme and see what you can do at the end - you've done really well to get to week 7 and the finishing line will soon be in your sights.


I'm on Week 8 (last one today.. Graduation looms... eek!) and am probably going at roughly the same speed, by the sounds of things.

I just wouldn't worry about it too much! I'm using not being at 5k yet, to make sure that I have goals to complete after graduation. First I graduate, then I'll do 5k, then I'll work to get 5k in 30 minutes, etc etc etc. Lots of little goals, and lots more joy and success awaiting us.

I've really taken everyone saying 'it's time not speed' to heart! Let's just enjoy it and no doubt we'll get there soon enough!

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Well done for getting this far....AMAZING. Keep it up, you are only 1k away from your 5k dream....you will do it :-)


Thank you all so much for the encouraging replies. I agree about looking back at that first minute, never thought I would make it. Each run has its own challenges and I don't think apart from the first 20 minute non stop one none has ever really been any worse than that first run. Love the idea of mini goals. First complete the programme, then increase the distance then work on speed and maybe do Park run. Gosh, can't believe I'm saying this. I have lost over four stone in the last 18 months and want to lose a couple more and feel like i have reinvented myself at the ripe old age of 57! Its never too late! My main goal is to have running as a regular part of my life and to just keep it going. Good luck to you all wherever you are in your journey.


I think it’s a common misconception that people should be running 5k in the 30 minutes. 5k in 30 minutes isn't easy to do at all. Personally I pushed myself through 30 minutes run 3 on week 9 and tracked my run to 5k, just so I could say to myself I have done it. Go at the pace your comfortable with concentrate on the time you spend running. Please do let us know how you get on but don’t get hung up on the distance :) Well done with the weight loss and reinveting yourself...... please do let us know how you go with your plans


Well done completing the second run of the week and good luck for the third. Best wishes.


I started running 5klms at my local Parkrun after I finished week 2 -- not because I am good at running or clever -- but I figured that if I could run/walk whatever the run/walk ratio was for that particular week for 30 minutes , I could probably do it for 40 minutes (or so). My first 5K using the ratios of week 3 , I finished the Parkrun in 42 minutes ( and felt quite OK at the end) -- since then, I have incorporated a Parkun event into the C25K programme every week and ran my 30 minutes non-stop as per Week 9 (plus an extra approx 5 minutes of run/walk) this morning in my seventh Parkrun to finish in just over 35 minutes.

If you can walk 5Klms, then you can run/walk it - provided the run/walk ratio is commensurate to your current fitness/ability. Just take it easy and treat it as thought it is part of the programme -- alternatively you can stick strictly to the programme and we all finish up at roughly the same place :)


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