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I love bank holiday weekends!

So who else makes the most of bank holiday weekends and squeezes two long runs in?

I was a bit naughty this weekend. My longest run to date had been 11k back in March. Saturday I set out to do a 10k route, but after 10, I still felt strong so I jogged off to the local fields and after another half hour or so, I got home and had ran for just over 14k. Lovely!

And not to be outdone, Monday mornings weather was glorious so out I went again. I wanted to do another 14k but actually got lost in the sunshine, the warmth, the fun of fields and trails and actually ended up doing 17.5km

So happy, but I think I've done myself an injury. My knees are hurting like hell when I stand up / sit down today which is a shame. My tally for May's running is on 95km. I so desperately want that to be 100km. I've got until Friday to squeeze in a 5km run. I'm literally begging my knees to fix themselves and trying to bribe them with promises of not being so stupid ever again!

Who else went out and had fun at the weekend?

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Wow. That's some impressive running. I am looking forward to the day when I feel I can just keep going. For me, just getting to 5K (35 minutes) is enough at the moment!

Well done! Hope the knees recover quickly.


Thanks Pam. 5k is a great distance and I still loving doing my 5k runs during the week, but at the weekend when the suns out, and there's no mad panic to get to work, it's great to get out for more! You'll be doing that soon!


Ice and rest them a few days, you could still do your 100K, thats one heck of a lot of running in a month, well done MrQ.


Thanks! To be honest, they feel good today, no pains, or aches but I literally had to stop myself going out for a quick 5k this morning. I feel like I need to give them another day or two of rest.


Goodness, what a lot of running - no wonder the knees are complaining a bit!

Take care of those knees, mrqwest - you may want them later! If you don't get to 100k in May, there's always June... Hope the ice works though and they will cooperate for a few more km, but - listen to the knees. :)


haha greenlegs, thanks! My wife keeps telling me about this 'June-athon' where you do any amount of running every day for the month of June. As tempted as I am, May has been a struggle. We'll see though, I'm always up for a challenge.


A June-athon? Sounds intriguing - off to google it! Though I'm not sure it sounds very sensible for me - when I did two consecutive days of 5k (well, one was 6k, and there was a lot of walking and a 14k and 26k cycle too, so maybe not so impossible after all) my legs were all in for a week!

That said, I did 6.4k yesterday and went out this morning just to see how fast I could run for a short distance - I ran for all of 90 seconds (!) - but at just a bit faster than the pace for 5k in 30 min - almost double my usual speed. It'll be a long while before I can keep that up for 30 minutes though - and my heart felt a bit strange afterwards! I don't want to go collapsing!


Oh, oh, oh! It's just like 5x50, but no prescription of how much you need to do. Just what I wanted!

Off to make me a blog... :D


Thats a lot of kms Mr Q; very impressive!!

Yes I love Bank Holidays to get an extra run in and even more enjoyable when the weather was as lovely as it was (where has it gone today?! :O ) Didnt cover the distances you managed as had lots to do at home so only short runs but it felt great all the same.....



Thanks Sue! To be honest, there was a chap on here last month that managed 100k in April and that got me thinking about it, and then when I realised we had TWO bank holidays, I couldn't say no.

Weather has been stunning though!! More of that please.


Well done on your two long runs, Mrquest! Now rest those legs until the aching knees stop. I understand totally what you mean about getting lost in the sun and the trails and the FUN to it all.


The legs are feeling good today but I'll give them a few more days rest and go out on Friday for the last 5k of the month. That should tip the scales at 100km.

I have also found a forest that's about 4 or 5km from home which looks stunning. I'm already planning a sneaky run around it at the weekend. No idea on the trails, paths or *anything* so it'll be a blaaast!


Yup me too, lovely weather and no particular place to go (to coin a phrase) so two long ones for me. 10 and 11 miles. Blimey it was warm.

Good to see you pounding the streets still. Are you still planning on the Wisley 10k?

That's loads of kms you have put in there, awesome.


10 & 11 miles. Impressive work Greg! You do that sort of distance all the time though, am I right? But yes, it was warm during the day... hence my runs were at 6am. It was 5 degrees on Saturday and 7 degrees on Monday when I went out. A lot warmer when I got in though.

Yeah, still pounding the streets (and the fields more recently! after running 10k on pavements, the soft grass is a welcome accompaniment). I completely forgot about the Wisley 10k and now I'm really interested in it. What's the course like?

I've got a fair few other races booked up for this year including a 10k the following weekend but I'm sure a gentle jaunt around some trees won't be too hard ;)


6a.m. - very sensible !

Wisley (I think they call it Pine Ridge???) is really nice, heathland so mostly sand and dirt with some tree roots thrown in for pleasure. Its largely flat, couple of undulating stretches not too bad, just enough for a bit of a thigh burner :-)

You could do it easy peasy now if you are running that far but its in October by the looks of it. You get quite a tasteful t-shirt as well.


Yeah, the Pine Ridge 10k looks great, I was checking some photos out this morning on google maps & course maps on Garmin.

I'm tempted, I won't lie.


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