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At last, week 9!

Hi all,

Just completed run 1 of week 9 yesterday and wanted to say a big thanks to this program and this forum. I've been reading in the background about people's achievements and it has inspired me in times of doubt.

All in all it has gone fairly smoothly with a bit of a hiccup around week 4 - didn't feel confident enough to do the 5 minute runs so I repeated week 3 twice more. Needless to say progression was made and I now find myself running for 30 minutes, which is more than I ever thought possible a couple of months ago. Two more runs to graduation and a lot of it is down to this forum and the excellent program itself.

I'm a 54 year old male, a couple of stones overweight still - I've lost almost a stone since beginning the Couch to 5k program, and I feel better than I've done in years!

Thanks all

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That's wonderful to hear. You should be proud of yourself... amazing progress! Well done!!


Thanks very much Tomas


Well done, sticking with the programme and the weight loss. Not long now till graduation x


Thank you no-excuse - love that name! Can't wait until the 3rd run is over.


Enjoy your graduation week. Good luck and best wishes.


Thank you very much Fitmo, looking forward to the feeling of euphoria! :-)


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