Disappointment at week 9

Hello all! I am two workouts from finishing the insanity that has been my C25K experience. I just now decided to join this forum to vent some frustrations I am experiencing. The main thing that is frustrating and disappointing me is that at a 30 minute workout I am still very far from running 5 kilometers. In fact, I am running about 4 kilometers. It is a disappointment that despite faithfully following the prescribed workouts I am falling so short of the plan's goal. I am still a painfully slow jogger who is consistently lapped by runners three times my age and I still pant and get out of breath more than others I see running. I was always telling myself that speed and ease in jogging would come in time. I would appreciate the input of some C25K veterans- were you able to run the whole 5k in 30 minutes by week 9? Or did your journey to comfortable running take longer than the plan?

Thanks and best wishes to you all!


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  • Hi amadrid, I didn't manage to run 5K in 30 minutes I don't think there are many that do either. The program would be better if called 'Couch to 30 minutes running' but it doesn't have the same ring to it.

    My first 5K run came just two runs after graduation when I just kept on running until I reached 5K, it took me 36:45 which I was very pleased about. Since then I have managed to reduce my time to 31:20 but still never reached the magic 30 minutes time. It doesn't worry me, I enjoy getting out there and have even gone on and run 10K's.

    Parkrun events are a good place to improve on your time and are a very friendly place to meet once a week (Saturday) to enjoy a 5K run and meet like minded people.

    Good luck with your final runs and I'm sure given time your speed and stamina will improve but so long as you enjoy your running that's the most important thing.

  • Thanks for your reply! It is reassuring to hear from someone going through the same thing. Unfortunately it looks like Parkrun isn't a thing in my country but maybe I can find something similar!

  • Try not to worry - I'm two or three weeks past graduation and still have to meet that elusive 30 minute 5k...my best is 40 minutes and that was pushing it - a lot. To be honest I've stopped worrying so much about the distance and more about that I'm going out and enjoying the run for the whole session. The other night was under a beautifully clear sky and I marvelled at the stars throughout - didn't hit 5k in my 40 minute session but enjoyed every single minute of it.

    Good luck with your final runs!

  • Thank you! You are so right- I should try to enjoy rather than only focusing on a goal number.

  • Hear hear to the above replys , Rome wasn't built in a day remember . I'm really slow , but I think like this 7 wk ago I couldn't run , jog whatever you could call what I do . & I enjoy what I'm doing , & feel good when I've finished & I bet you do too . Have you ever read running like a girl ? If not read it . That will inspire you to keep on pushing , & know that if you want it you will get it . Good luck , enjoy your running .

  • Thanks! I'll have to see if I can find a copy of that book!

  • After reading Rockettez rey I googled 'runni ng like a Girl ' and found video on you tube saying what book is and is not about I m also going to try and read it Thankd Rockette Good luck to all you runners

  • Oops maybe I should put glasses on next time I reply to a post ! But you know what I mean

  • Hey you, as the others already said: Don't be disappointed! Hardly any of us managed the full 5k in 30 minutes at the end of week 9. I graduated in June and tried to get my 5k time sub 30 since then. The fastest I've ever ran was 30.51 minutes only two weeks ago. And today, after 8 days without running due to a lot of stress and little time, I "only" did 5k in 32.44 minutes. Sometimes, I'm also disappointed about those times but it's not worth it. It's such a good thing to be able to run for full 30 minutes! Imagine someone had told you that 9 weeks ago...

    Enjoy your running and don't be too determined to get your time down. Actually, most of my PBs happened when I thought it was a very s****ty run ;)

    As soon as you've graduated, enjoy the freedom of running. Do whatever you want. Up the distances (many runners in this community say that upping the distance helps them to improve their 5k time (nice side effect)). But be careful not to overdo it. I think, I made that mistake today (treadmill, "bad" run (numbers are mentioned above, programme "random" level 1 instead of my usual level 5...), then I thought I would be disappointed back at home, I walked for about 8 minutes and did the C25k+ speed podcast... I'm pretty sure, I'll regret this activity after 8 days without any exercise when I wake up tomorrow...but it felt right and I'm not thinking it was a bad run any longer)

    Oh, that's again a long response...

    Happy running!

    Edit: I just noticed your name: Are you in Madrid? I love Spain (not as a typical tourist) :)

  • I dont think I know one person who finished doing 5k? I did 5k...but in 43:59. 2 weeks later and I have shaved a whole 9 seconds off so far. I am now doing 2 runs a week getting to 5k as quick as I can and then one 30 min run as fast as I possibly can! Hopefully I will improve naturally. If not, whos cares!? Im running 3 times a week at the best pace I can. Just enjoy your new hobby and dont pile on the pressure, set achievable goals and you will get there :) all the best!

  • Hello!

    I completed the programme but wasn't anywhere near 5K in 30 mins! Today I did 5K in 37 minutes........but I'm really not fussed about the timings. Hey, you can run 5K and that is a massive achievement and something to be very proud of yourself for - well done! :-)x

  • Another one months down the line and still not doing 5k in 30. My best time is 35 mins - and that nearly killed me! The time improvements came really slow. First 5k took 40 ish mins. Graduation was around 4k!

  • Oldgirl's first paragraph said it all.

    Most of us start this programme either unfit, or fit by doing other sports but unable to run. Being fit for other sports often doesn't translate into being fit to run - odd but true. So enjoy the fact that you can run and can improve as you get more experience.

    Other factors affecting pace is the terrain you run over and temperature. If, like me, your runs include hills that can't be avoided (unless I run a couple of hundred metres backwards and forwards for the whole session - not going to happen) or you are running in high temperatures (which, again, I can't do and had to stop running July-Sept this year due to heat and life getting in the way) your times will be slower, at least in the first few weeks as your body adjusts to what is being asked of it.

    As you seem to be out of breath more than you expect, you may find you get faster once your breathing becomes easier which again is something that seems to just 'click' at some point during the programme.

  • Im no where near 5k and have stopped worrying about it after reading lots of related posts, even claimed my badge. You can still be proud and happy about how far you have come. I try not to compare myself to want other runners are managing but to myself pre C25k. I think it will be a long time before I get the distance sorted as. 30 min seems to be my limit. Just keep going, am sure you will get there.

  • I was doing 4k on graduation. Managed 5k in 40 mins soon after, but it was a bit of a time leap - I felt it too much afterwards.. Now light limitations and VERY muddy fields have made me decide to just run for 35mins 'til conditions improve. Then I'll try and speed up a bit.

  • I'm nearly at the finish line and I am very slow but that's the only way I can get round without stopping. For me it's about finishing. That in itself if worth medals. I started with no expectations whatsoever so to be nearly at the finish line is amazing to me. I can't stop smiling

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