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Missed a day :-(


Was supposed to do W6R2 last night. Thought about it all day at work; route, banana eating time, weather etc... And I got home, started to get changed and ended up climbing into bed and sleeping for 2 hours. :-( Feel poo. Not ill, just disappointed in myself. Where did the motivation go?? Really hoping I can get it back for tonight, don't want to miss 2 days.

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If you were that tired then that's all right, the sleep will have done you good. You felt disappointed I expect. Put it right today

Happy running


Listening to your body is just as important as sticking to the programme. Your body needed that sleep. Quite likely you would not have had a good session if you'd gone out running. That is a totally different situation from coming home, thinking that you just can't be bothered and slumping in front of the TV with a pack of biscuits.


It's just a day. No big deal. As the clever people say, you have to listen to your body, and if sleeping is what you needed, then so be it. Today is another day :)

No worries! I've had the odd extra day rest to recover. Sometimes your body tells you you have to rest. I make sure I get early nights in ready for my early morning runs so I feel better to do them. Sometimes it's not easy but pick yourself up and keep going. I have a note book with all my personal goals written down. My weight loss goals and training goals. Reasons for why I want to achieve them. I refer to them when I have a low day.


I agree with all the above - you do need to listen to your body and in this case your body was telling you it needed rest and sleep. It's just one day and you can do the run tomorrow. If you'd forced yourself out today you would probably have had a bad run and maybe lost a bit of confidence, so having the sleep you needed was clearly the best thing to do. Good luck on getting the run done in the next day or so and very best wishes to you.

ahh thanks to all for your replies. :-) They did make sense when you think about it and stop stressing about being lazy! Went out last night, and it was fine. A bit heavy-legged, (is that even a phrase?!), but ok.

I think I was worried because last half term in February I was off work for a week, (I teach), and my brain decided that meant off from everything so I did no running whatsoever, and it put me back about 2 weeks and took me ages to get back to where I had been. I've got a week off coming up next week, just don't want that to happen again when I'm so close to graduating!

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