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Missed A Week!

I spent the majority of this week visiting various parts of the UK. This meant my running came to halt between feeling unwell and doing these visits I have missed a week! The previous Thursday I finished week 4 and I am now in a total dilemma about whether to do week 4 again or start week 5. In all honesty I would like to start with week 5 but I am not sure my body will be ready for it :(

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If you managed wk 4 ok then I'd go for it. But listen to your body. Make sure you feel properly better first.

Why not try day 1 of wk 5 & if you're really struggling you can always either repeat it or go back to wk 4.

Thats the beauty of this programme☺

Good luck ☺


Hi kmxco

As you've only missed a week, I would give week 5 a go and see how you get on. It's not a huge step up from the end of week 4 to the beginning of week 5 so you should be OK, but if it seems really tough and uncomfortable, then drop back to week 4 and give that a go again.

You never know, the rest may have done you good!

Hope it goes well anyway.


Go with week 5 - I took quite a lot of breaks during c25k - I think the longest was 10 days - but never had to repeat a week.


Go for week 5. Listen to your body and go with it.


Your body can't count - only your head gets messed up about missing a week :D Give W5R1 a shot and I'm pretty certain that it'll work out fine. You can always repeat it if needed but I reckon that at week five, you've already built up sufficient fitness for a week off to have little or no impact on your running. Keep us posted!


Thanks everyone. I went for my run this morning and it was actually surprising good. I think all the rain and wind helped my run as it kept me cool ! Looking forward week 5 run 2 now :)


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