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Worried I have broken the pattern

I have been faithfully completing three runs each week and last Tuesday ran w6r3 albeit pretty slowly on the treadmill. I was due to run next on Thursday but we had a Sport Relief mile fun run at work(school) on Friday so I did that instead, planning to start w7 today. I don't know if it was because of the pollution levels on Friday, still pretty bad where I live, but I had to slow to a walk a couple of times so I was pretty disappointed. Straight after I started coughing and have had the beginnings of a sore throat and slightly tight chest since. I decided not to run this morning as I really don't feel right but am worried now that I will have set myself back especially if I develop a full blown heavy cold which is what its feeling like. What if I end up not running for a week? Its so frustrating but I am not fit enough yet to run with a cold. How far should I go back?

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You don't have to go back, you can pick up where you left off. We all get colds and off days which interrupt our running. What we do though is get back to it asap and just put the lost days behind us. A few days rest won't hurt you


misswobble is right - you probably do not need to go back and the rest will strengthen you. The book about running I am reading at the moment says we should take a few days off every month and it is not good to train continually. Your body needs short breaks every now and then. So you're having a short break and will come back even better!

A week is not long in the great scheme of things :) You will be fine!


Have a good rest whilst you are feeling unwell. The pollution did cause quite a few problems and I also had a tight chest, cough, etc., as a result of it. I'm okay now but was only on the edge of the pollution, it wasn't as bad here as in some places. If you are now about to start a heavy cold it's not worth the risk to your chest. Keep warm and be kind to yourself. When you are recovered give W7R1 a try - at this stage you have probably built up enough fitness not to need to go back. Your own body will tell you what's best. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Good luck and very best wishes.


Thanks for the encouraging replies. I am a bit obsessional about things sometimes and am scared that I won't get back into it. I have been so proud of my achievements and my aim is to able to run three times a week regularly for about 30 minutes at a reasonable speed. I have surprised myself by how much I am enjoying it. I have even bought some nice new running shoes which are lovely to run in.


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