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EEk I may have to miss a run!!!

Never thought I would be worrying about the possibility of not being able to fit in a run! Due to do run 3 of week three on Friday, alas that means week 4 run 1 due on Sunday, going to be in Leeds visiting my daughter & will not be home until late evening!!!!!! Feel I am cheating if I have to leave it till Monday!

That aside, finding this week tough! SLE leaves me very tired & lacking in enthusiasm but I have set myself this challenge and am determined that I will do it. Cold weather been a pain! I have been using gym to do runs, I don't enjoy it the same way I do when outside but the cold air causes unpleasant chest pain and for me is not worth the risk of infection. take care everyone.

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so you have 2 rest days not one. not a bad thing. some people (me included) factor in 2 rest days a week, so they run on the same days, mine are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (parkrun) each week, and IF I feel like it, I will go for a run on Sunday. Don't feel like you are cheating by not running til Monday, feel like you are allowing yourself an extra day for your body to catch up with you ;) That's not a bad thing at this stage of the program, you are still quite early into it.


Well done on starting it. I know your SLE can make you tired, but keep at it: no one is going to throw you off the programme if you don't do all your runs to schedule! You'll have enough good days to make it all worthwhile. (My 81-year-old father has SLE - unusual demographic - and spent some of his 80th birthday up a tree lopping branches. It really is a question of seizing the day). Spring is not far off, then you'll be able to ditch that treadmill.


Thanks, actually ran outdoors today, despite slight frost! it was so much more energizing than the treadmill! Good to know that even at 80+ SLE not holding your father back!


Sorry didn't know what SLE was until I looked it up so you're doing well to work through the tiredness you get anyway. Allowing 2 days rest is not a problem at all. I had to do it on a regular basis to start with until the muscles around my knee built up enough for them not to hurt. It's definitely not cheating and sometimes your body responds better for having that extra bit of rest too ;) And you're not missing a run.... you're just postponing to the next day :D


Don't worry, the program is not set in stone, you can juggle the runs around to suit yourself and if you have to fall a bit behind because of - well, life, never worry, you can add an extra few days or a week to the program.

I have done a lot of running in a gym this winter and was glad of it as I couldn't have ran outside.

You look after yourself - you can't run if you're ill :(


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