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My first 10k race.... I DID IT!!!!!

Wow, 12 hours later and I'm still buzzing!!!

I'd give you all a run down on the events but you kind of get how it goes already, lots of puffing and panting, big hills and some walking up them, feeling like I might die any moment and digging deep for the final furlong! I'll just add to that the throwing of water over my head at 5k, it was hot hot hot!

Sooooo pleased with myself especially as I hadn't ever done 10k before in training due to illness and injury over the last 2 months.

Is it scarey? Yes, to begin with but once it's started the nerves have gone.

Would I do it again? Damn right I will, already entered Cannonhall 10k next month :D

P.S. Awaiting official time still

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Wow well done you! Sounds like you did great and enjoyed yourself :D Another one next month too, you keen bean!


Congratulations! I am so pleased to read your post - encouragement there for all of us no matter what the distance.


Well done you! :-)

I did a 10K once, years ago. I hadn't trained enough for it but my neighbour sort of talked me into doing it with her. Can't remember my time (not too shabby for someone who didn't run!), but I do remember that I had to finish it at a jog because I couldn't move my legs in a walk by the end. It was days before I could walk comfortably again. I'm not going to do another one unless I train properly for it!


Thank you all :)

I had done 5 mile in training but that was over 2 months ago and only the once. I was fully prepared to walk as and when I needed to and my goal was simply to finish, no set time or pushing myself to run too much and knacker myself out. I had enough in the tank for my version of a sprint finish (only visible to my eyes unfortunately for those watching).


Very well done ! I've signed up for my second 10k now - I really enjoyed the first and chucking water over my head was a high spot :-)

To anyone dithering (as I did) over whether or not to enter a race - do it, it really is a fantastic feeling !


I totally agree :D


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