Fuelled with a massive glass of vegetable juice (homemade) and 4 dates I put on my orange dark glasses and ventured out into the warm sunny morning. I was ready for this. My legs and body in general felt good and I managed to put the massive disappointment I had yesterday to the back of my head (I was offered a job, then hired, then within 24hrs they gave the job to someone else and I was "unhired" by email! F***ing bas***ds). I was carrying a bottle of water with me because I knew that I'd need it in the warm temperatures......and then, I was off!

I knew that there would be an organised 10K Richmond Riverside run today along part of my route and I didn't want to get mixed up with them, so I left the house at 8:15am, working out that by the time I get to their starting point they would just be gathering to get ready for the off. My plan was to try and run an even tempo - not too fast as to burn valuable energy too early and not to slow either (just cos I didn't want to go too slow!!). I'd mentally thought "If I can get to the first 5K in good shape then that's where the run will start for real". Sure enough the first 3K went by very swiftly and before long I looked at my watch and it said 32 minutes, so I knew that I was already past 5K and onto the hard work.

I was heading towards Teddington lock and I reached there by K7. What a beautiful vista greeted my eyes. Boats bobbing on the river, fast running water over the weir and beyond that, calm, still water twinkling in the sunlight. Gorgeous. I reached the other side of the Thames and headed towards Richmond, along an almost covered green tunnel which let dappled sunlight through the trees. Crunch crunch crunch along the stony path I went. At one point a bike passed me with a geezer wearing a high viz vest - "There's runners coming up behind you mate" he told me. "Ok thanks" I said. Before a minute had passed, three speedy male runners zoomed past me who were on the local parkrun. I couldn't believe how fast they were going, but then I thought "They haven't just run 8K have they!" I plodded on.

A loud PA system ahead of me broke the silence of the morning. A woman's voice amplified at great volume was geeing up people. "That must be the riverside run that Aussie is doing today" I thought. Suddenly I came across an open area near a car park - this was clearly Race HQ. Hundreds of runners warming up and the sense of excitement in the air was palpable. I had to dodge past loads of them as I made my way past, listening to the woman yell "Are you excited! I see some of you may have had a few bevvy's last night!" (She was fun!).

I was glad to get past that lot before they had set off as I was beginning to feel just a tad tired. My breathing was ok, but my right leg for some reason was tiring. Not my left. My right? Figure that one out! Before too long I was approaching the place where I do my hill training - the 10K mark of my 12K run. I passed here and turned left, knowing that there was only another 2K to go. Under Richmond Bridge, not far now nearly there.........past The White Cross pub onto the cobbles, making sure I didn't slip and take a tumble.....back onto the path and under Twickenham bridge....legs were still going fine, my right leg had decided it wasn't tired after all......I had no idea what my time was, but then who cares! Eventually I saw Richmond Lock- my finish line and I heaved a massive sigh of relief. I reached the walk over bridge and fell against the railing, almost sliding to the ground with exhaustion. I was breathing heavily and an old couple looked at me with concern as they passed me (they didn't stop to see if I was ok though!). I took a few seconds to get my breath back, and a slug of water, then mounted the steps to the bridge and walked to the other side. I wobbled home slowly, stopping to stretch my legs at one point and when I walked in the door Mrs Dan was doing her Davina work out DVD. She stopped to give me a round of applause which was FABULOUS! It made the whole run worthwhile as there hadn't been any fanfare back at my "finishing line". No applause. No bunting, but there was a massive sense of achievement within myself for having completed my first 12K. Who'd have thought a little over a year ago I could have done this? Not me!

So my time for 10K was 60 mins and 32 seconds. My 5K was 29'55 and the 12K time ; 1 hour 12 mins. I was please to see that I'd roughly maintained an even pace throughout the entire run with the 10th kilometre being my fastest!!!!! Whooohoooo!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have super parkruns, personal runs and C25K runs today and tomorrow.

Ta ta for now

Dan .


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37 Replies

  • Super effort Dan... TurboTortoise and the Aussie were in that lot alright... That woman was great fun... Hats off to you sir on your 12K ... that's an awesome effort! Nice and consistent too...

    Now to find a beer... a COLD one... :)

  • Cheers Aussie! TT is one super lady isn't she? And don't worry....beer is already cold in the fridge!

  • Brilliant work, that man.

  • I theennnng yeeeoowwwww!

  • Fantastic run Dan...I am loving the wee picture of the hare on your 3rd last split. You were running at a pretty even pace too. Well done and glad it cheered you up after the email which was a pretty rubbish thing to happen. Onwards and upwards and into the fridge for the beer :)

  • Thanks lizziebeth. I must say the run DID help my mood (as it always does). Those endorphines are doing their thang!

  • Great post Dan, Well done , cheeky little 12k there :-)

    Rest and a cold beer , yep, sounds good :-) xxx

  • It was a very cheeky 12K!

  • Fantastic Dan, felt every step with you through your post. Brilliant times too.

  • Cheers for that! Am pleased with the times as I always seem to hover around the hour mark for a 10. How does Alastair Brownlee do it in half an hour?????

  • Well done, Dan and a great write-up too ;)

  • Thanks Paul.

  • Blooming marvelous Dan!! A fantastic time and I'm in total awe of your lap times!

    I bet some of that disappointment/sheerdamnanger at being hired & fired fuelled part of it but it's something you've been working hard towards for a while and you deserve it. :-)

    Mmmmmmmm...beeeeeerr........ shame I haven't got any...

  • Thanks dottie may. Yeah, I have been planning it and I think my hill training has help too. It IS a bloody long way to run though!

  • Loved your post Dan. A great run by you, well done, 12K!!!, and in a good time too. Sorry about your work email, that's a downright bummer- rise above! x :-)

  • I shall rise above the bas****s! Thank you.

  • Well done m'dear, I absolutely knew you could do it. Fantastic time too -split 10 deserved it's own round of applause from MrsDan! Time now for a cold one methinks. :)

  • Just had 2.....get me!

  • Fantastic run ! A great post too! Congratulations on your 12k

  • Thanks vixchile

  • Wow dan , that's fantastic ! Congratulations .

  • Awwww Rockette, you're one of my faves! Thank you!

  • Wowee great run. 12K in the heat at a consistently fast pace .... you are a star :)

  • Thanks B450. Appreciate that!

  • Ooh, that's brilliant. 12k eh? Just brilliant, and amazing time.

  • AND.....it didn't nearly kill me either! Slowly slowly catchy....12K!

  • That was a fast one Dan!! Well done - It is so great that three of you have met up. We really should have a Couch to 5k/10k annual run for members to run together and personally thank the friends that keep us going. HealthUnlocked!! Take note!

  • What a BRILLIANT idea... a "Health Unlocked 5K".... :)

  • Sounds splendid! What a lovely atmospheric post. Well done on achieving 12km.

  • Great run and really nice and consistent. My pace gets so much worse near the ends of the run. I am trying to teach myself a better pace. you haven definitely got it licked, well done.

  • Well done on the 12k Dan! Did you not fancy the 10k riverside run then?

  • Well done!

  • Wow Dan that's brilliant. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were working hard to extend your 5K > 10K very well done. You got a hare too on 10K. Love it :)

  • Fabulous... Great achievement, definitely time to celebrate and bask in the glory... Well done DF :)

  • Well done Dan! Great job!!!!! Hah! Those ba*tids who fired you by email can go wotsit themselves. Their loss!! Stuff em.

    Great run report. I was right with you there. In my dreams buddy!

  • Wow, that's impressive!

  • Well Done Dan, you really are leading the charge and it's great to hear about it. A lot of thoughts in here are starting to sound very familiar, especially seeing those speedy runners and having to remind yourself you're on a long run and having to just let them go :)

    That's a really good pace you keep too, consistently 30 seconds faster than my Kms and very steady. It sounds like a great route, it's good to know where your run finishes too, I managed 11 Km last night and I'm sure for the last 1.5 Km I was slowing myself down by having to keep checking my distance.

    Keep us updated, Em :)

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