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Just finished the first run of week two and need advice

I was really getting into it and thinking Im doing ok then on the last two "runs" inverted commas because actually i think my brisk walk was faster, my calves kept tightening up and wouldn't ease even at the walk stages. Intact they didn't ease really until after the warmdown. I carried on through but this is quite painful is there anything i can do to avoid this happening on wed?

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Have you checked the NHS home page? They have this article..

....and many more articles and links.

There are sooooo many things that cause calf pain..the probably the primary cause of yours is your post title. You have only been running for a week. Don't be fooled...just because running comes (almost) as easy as walking, it is HARD WORK. Right now your legs are saying, "Whaaaaaaa....?" If it continues to worsen, check with a physio or GP to make sure it isn't anything serious.

Good running to you...don't get discouraged....if nothing else, time and miles will start clearing off some of these aches and pains.


My legs hurt at the start, for me it was a mixture of wrong trainers and out of practice legs! Good luck with the rest of the programme and if you can a gait analysis at a running shop is free with no obligation to buy


I have promised myself that if i can get through week four then i will get my gait properly measured and get new trainers even though the ones i run in are good pair i have had them a little while


I found the last 2 'runs' really tough too today really wanted to give in but managed it, I think grammadog is right our bodies are complaining, I don't know about you but to do 4 runs in 8 days is more exercise than I've done in a long time!


I think also its just your body getting used to new exercise. You'll be surprised/amazed/shocked/bemused/sad/happy/baffled (delete as appropriate) at how many little muscles you have that you don't normally use! Especially in your lower legs.

Running will find most of them but don't worry its all normal and as you get stronger it passes (or at least passes to another part of your body) ;-)

In the mean time make sure you keep them loose, stretch a bit and there are lots of little exercises you can do to strengthen your legs up.


Thanks guys. I will keep at it and just keep slowing down a bit when my legs hurt. Still pleased with myself for keeping going though as normally i would have quit.


Hang on in there, it will get better - promise!! My legs were absolutely bushed at the end of each session, shaking and tired. Face was another matter!! My "running" seemed as you say, slower than my walking, which is usually pretty brisk. At one point I felt that I must be running backwards as the view wasn't getting any nearer!

I haven't had my gait analysed, but people on here that have experienced any sort of pain have and they have benefited from it enormously. So no excuses now ..... we are all behind you cheering you on :) :)


I am currently sitting out on the "bench" due to doing something to my left calf for the second time round. The first time it just went .. not like your situation. the second time around it got tighter and tighter and I tried to run through it but couldn't.

Personally I think I should have dropped down to walk when it tightened to give it a rest and then carried on.

If week 1 gave you no problems calf wise, I'd do it again, possibly adding a couple more run walk cycles into the run. This will give your muscles a chance to build up to the tasks ahead.

I'd also get your gait analysed NOW rather than waiting for week 4 to avoid any other injuries.

If you have a mean streak like me you'll have the "I spent too much in these trainers to not run" motivation


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